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  1. When you guys are adding dive bombs to LC or copper, are you putting the divebomb at the beginning of the leader on the floro?
  2. definitely run the 83 or 50 mhz instead of the 200 for deep water trolling. i can actually pickup my down rigger balls down to about 120 with my elite 7hdi. Ive only had my unit a month or so, but i have the general use, fastest ping speed, bumped up the scroll speed, and run the noise reduction and surface clarity off. There is a trade off between picking up details and drowning out the noise, you'll have to keep playing with the different settings to try and find the sweet spot for your boat. For instance where your transducer is mounted in relation to your trolling/main motor will effect your settings . u'll have to mess with the surface clarity noise reduction to drown out the motor noise if its too close
  3. Gold hot n tots and deep diver jr thundersticks
  4. They were out offering them at Mexico point 2 weeks ago. Hope this helps
  5. perch, or gold.cranks, also pretty much any hot n tot are my walleye goto's. always seem to do better with walleyes off the boards, especially in under 40fow.because it gets ur spread out from under the boat. . We do alright on Oneida with the michigan stinger scorpion spoons too.
  6. I've been trying to figure this out as well, with no luck. The guy at control king told me the servo was too heavy and it wouldnt work. what ive been doing is looking for a mechanical throttle control instead of an electric, but so far have nothing.
  7. I mean there's not that much to a downrigger really, I don't see a reason why it couldn't be effective. It's really just an electric motor and some switches
  8. 40 or make an offer for the 1 base, pickup in syracuse or mexico, will ship for 5 more
  9. check out the topography of lake Ontario link under Fishing resource links on the left side of this page
  10. There's a state launch in Bridgeport that's pretty big. Packed with people though in the afternoon
  11. I think it'd be cost prohibitive. maybe time for a new boat?
  12. So is there anyway to remotely control throttle on a 2 stroke without fabricating anything, or should I just start saving for a 4 stroke?
  13. I have a Fulton(Gaerlick style) kicket mount on my trophy, holding my little 6hp kicker. My question to anyone who has one, or one similar is, can you trailer the boat with the kicker on it? It seems like a pain in the a$$ to have to remover the motor, gas line, steering, and motor linkage to the main, each day i trailer it, but the last thing id want to happen is have my kicker tear a hole in the transom and have it go flying down 81. Any input would be appreciated. Jay
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