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  1. I used speedview app for the iPhone it was 1.99 and it reads the same speed as 3 different lowrAnce units I tried it with
  2. The big reef runner deep divers actually dive to 28 I believe
  3. Need a lower unit for my 94 force 120hp. Bought a trophy 2002 2 weeks ago and lower unit seized 10 minutes into my first ride. If anyone has a working lower unit or a parts motor I could buy please let me know. Tight lines
  4. i like steelbows. nice and easy. theres enough to worry about on the water
  5. http://www.letastopshop.com Try this. not sure if they sell just the bars, but from what i heard they are very reasonable, and have most of the bayliner and trophy measurements in their systgems already. If they dont sell them, id bet they could point you in the right direction Hope it helps
  6. depends. does a 10' 6" rod count as an outrigger? lol
  7. Wd-40 is basically just vegetable oil I've heard of a lot of old timers who used to swear by it. On lures
  8. I paid 380 for mine last year . There is no more comfortable stand than a summit. That's a hell of a deal. Goodluck with the sale
  9. That had to be a white knuckle ride in. glad everyone made it thorugh safe
  10. I would take the spin doctors flashers and flies. [email protected] if you'll separate
  11. I'd look at a pair of used electrics. There's some good deals on the classifieds here.
  12. Nice ride. I always liked those prolines.
  13. Look around for some used ones. There's some great deals on the classifieds here
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