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  1. check out the topography of lake Ontario link under Fishing resource links on the left side of this page
  2. There's a state launch in Bridgeport that's pretty big. Packed with people though in the afternoon
  3. I think it'd be cost prohibitive. maybe time for a new boat?
  4. So is there anyway to remotely control throttle on a 2 stroke without fabricating anything, or should I just start saving for a 4 stroke?
  5. I have a Fulton(Gaerlick style) kicket mount on my trophy, holding my little 6hp kicker. My question to anyone who has one, or one similar is, can you trailer the boat with the kicker on it? It seems like a pain in the a$$ to have to remover the motor, gas line, steering, and motor linkage to the main, each day i trailer it, but the last thing id want to happen is have my kicker tear a hole in the transom and have it go flying down 81. Any input would be appreciated. Jay
  6. Hit up all season sports in Pulaski. They have it all
  7. Check your rpm's at minimum throttle and speed. A good mechanic may be able to tune your idle so it will stay in gear in that 500-700 rpm range, and get you slowed down some
  8. Don't forget about the hot n tot
  9. Sounds similar to the stern planer setup that church tackle makes?
  10. I have an older (77) Evinrude 6hp that was hoping to use as a trolling motor. I'm running into a snag bc I was hoping to hook up a controlking or similar unit for the throttle control from the helm. Problem is, control king and pro troll don't make a unit for a 77 motor. Anyone have this problem want to share how they fixed it? I'm low on ideas
  11. Wish It was in my budget! Beauty of a boat
  12. 2 perko chrome rod holders with black rubber caps. Flush mount. like new. They go for approx 50 each new, lets do both for 60 if you want to pickup in syracuse. plus 10 if you want them shipped.
  13. What are you looking for for the fishhawk and probes
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