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  1. Thanks for the tip. Hoping for a good day.
  2. Heading to Cayuga tomorrow heading out of Myers. Havent been in about a week just curious if anything has changed. Thanks in advance for any info. Will report results tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. Fished out of Myers again today. Took 3 of my 5 kids with me on the boat. Ages ranging from 9 to 14. Anyway got on the water about 0730 and set up south of T falls on a North troll. Fished the 60 to 70 foot range with both riggers and divers. Ended the day going 5 for 11 ×iChat isn't to bad for the kids. Best colors were green glow spoons and flies. Fished from Myers to a little south of kidders then crossed over and came back to the launch. Best screens and most active fish were in the 60 to 70 range over 80 to 100 ft of water. Had a good day and was glad to spend it with the kids. Kept some fish for the grill today. Good luck out there. Be safe.
  4. I'm not sure how your boat is set up but don't worry about getting line in the kicker motor. Maybe just me but something would really have to screw up for that to happen. I run the 12 lb red lable also and use a uni knot for all of my connections. Never have had a break off. Good luck.
  5. He can go to ranger school get his associates with a 1 + 1 and it's a SUNY school. A lot smaller class and they structure it alot more like a job. Almost impossible to get off track. I got my associates in forestry there. Nice because they graduate under 100 kids very close relationship with the teachers.
  6. Good luck out there. I see in other posts you go to cranberry lake. I'm a ranger school graduate from Wanakena. Used to fish out in front of the school some but didn't have a boat to go out in to the lake.
  7. No problem I understand the frustration that can come with the learning curves often times costly frustrations. For a simple spread that I think work best for me is the 2 down riggers out the back and the 2 divers off each side at a 1 or 2. Most days my divers out fish the riggers anyway. Riggers are alot to figure out and often times can be frustrating to use at times there are alot of variables to try to teach your self. Good luck. Fishing should start improving real soon. Hopefully it will boost your confidence.
  8. If you want to see cool rigging videos watch on you tube salmon fishing the baltic sea. They fish out of zodiac boats with no rod limits. Amazing to watch.
  9. Keep things simple don't over think what you are doing is my moto. I started trolling for lake trout back in the 80s with my grand father trolling copper with a victrolla on one side of the boat and a single down rigger on the other. It was pretty rare that we didn't limit out back then. 2 rods. After his passing I started fishing on my own and got my own down riggers and started fishing how everyone fishes now. With divers and down riggers. The only problem was I didn't know what I was doing. I just would throw the lines out and pray. After years of tangles and lost lures I finally started paying attention to details. Stupid to me things like blow back and things like that I started understanding. Speed and downrigger angle I paid attention to. I also figured out my divers and how to properly deploy them. I guess I am a minority but I do run spoons behind flashers on a regular basis and they do produce fish. I learned a lot from everyone who has helped me on this site. Find out what works for you on your boat and do that and you will catch fish. Good luck out there.
  10. I've allways used Seaguer fluro and haven't had a problem with both kings and fishing the finger lakes. Don't know if it's a brand thing or not. I only use uni knot for every thing from terminal connection to splicing lines never recall the knot failing.
  11. I have a bunch of braided line wondering if anyone ever runs braid between dipsy and flasher or spin doctor. Usally use mono to the flasher then fluro to the leader in know there isn't a lot of shock absorption in braid but didn't think what little bit of mono I had out would really make that much difference. I don't run snubbers and don't ever intend to. Just wondering if there was a reason the braid wouldn't work.
  12. Also don't forget to take blow back of your riggers in to a count just because you have your riggers at 90 doesn't mean that is how deep they actually are.
  13. That's horrible be safe out there.
  14. Last 2 trips I made my downrigger were no where as active as my dipsy rods. I was also having alot more luck fishing over 140 to 300+ fishing suspended fish. Chartreuse black white and purple and Blue and silver are normally my go to colors on cayuga that will produce fish. My speeds have been better close to 3 MPH also. If only using the to rods I would cheet both of them with spoons in the 40 to 50 range to cover more water. And like Sutton trolley said keep wandering from shallow to deep. Don't worry about just 1 death of water. There are alot of suspended fish amongst bait out toward the middle of the lake. Just south of T falls right across from Myers has been holding alot of fish to From there all the way up past the boy scout camp. Good luck hope this helps.
  15. WSYR News reported that a woman was struggling with current near a boat Stated that the man jumped in to assist the woman and got her to the boat but was unable to get back to or into the boat himself and she lost sight of him. I don't know anything other than that. WSYR is the only news that is giving any more info than a man went missing.
  16. Just saw on the news a man is missing on cayuga lake. Been searching for him since yesterday Crews are assembling out of Myers park and they have divers in the water. Unsure where they are searching for the person. The news was pretty vague as to what happened. Be safe out there today. Big weather coming today also Wich will impede the search efforts.
  17. It's possible I wonder to if my float isn't quite right or is sticking. Moisture is something that has haunted me with other boats that were small 2 stroke engines I really don't have a clue any more. I also don't know how to get rid of the moisture. Just frustrating but I'm happy that I can fish so is what it is. Thanks for the help. Going to go out Sunday to see what other can do. Taking my family so hopefully everything runs ok.
  18. What do you meen by a moisture breech. In fuel or in the boat adding to weight
  19. Also after fishing today tried getting boat up on a plane and it did fine. I don't know any more. I have a gremlin a border that wants me to start fishing right out of the boat launch at Myers. Must be some kind of omen telling me not to motor north and fish south.
  20. Correction on the date. 8/17
  21. Hit water today about 830 am started day off alot like last Thursday got to open water and motor craped out ring to climb up on a plane. Anyway started fishing right out of the shut. Set riggers and divers in 60 to 80 foot range and had 1st fish in the boat before all 6 rigs were set. Best rig today was a dipsy set at 1 out 240 with just a plane silver spoon with a yellow stripe on it. But all spoons moved today. Mostly colors in blue and silver. Screens were.best in front of T. Falls and out at the plant. Had alot for short strikes and dropped 5 fish behind the boat. Took 2 new people to the trolling scene and they had a blast. Fished north to kidders and then back to myers. My brothers wife caught the biggest fish of her life had only caught sun fish before today. Kept 5 fish today and hooked well in to the teens. Good luck out there. Fish seemed scattered to day. Marked fish at depths from 30 ft to 140 ft.
  22. This is my 14 foot boat fished out of it exclusively until late this year. Would fish 2 people 6 rods just have to learn to elevate junk rods.
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