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  1. Thanks again appreciate the tip. I found it strange to be hitting Lakers the other day in 60 ft of water over 110 to 140 ft of water. I don't have down temp but seems years past the Lake trout would have been deeper but just a observation looking back at my notes from 2 yrs ago. Anyway thanks again.
  2. Thanks again to everyone who gave me thoughts on the motor
  3. Anybody have any new info. On cayuga just starting points. Was there last week didn't know if all the rain changed anything will post results Wednesday night thanks in advanced
  4. Ahhaa choke adjustment spring linkage was out of adjustment. Secondaries now open with hard throttle what a difference in the sound of the motor. See what happens now on the water. Thanks everyone for the assistance. She got sea foamed new spark plugs new fuel filter everything. Stumbled on a video on YouTube that showed adjustment that needed to be done and it fixed it. Heading for cayuga lake on Wednesday. See what happens.
  5. Points and everything looks perfect in distributer cap. Hear is another food for thought idea that a race car mechanic seemed to have. The boat is fine on level or mostly level plane. Runs perfect in drive way with muffs. No hesitation but also no load. Motor also runs fine when in the water and level. However as we all know when we accelerate the motor you create a bow wave or the stern digs a hole. This boat seemed to dig a hole it can't get out of and is robbing the carb for gas because of the float bowl. Now here is my thought. If while accelerating and the boat digs it's hole should I start to trim up a little to help get the boat over the bow wave. The mechanic seemed to think that would help. Anyone have any other thoughts. This is my first Inboard outboard and is also my first boat that had any king of trim.
  6. I guess I'm still stuck. From what I've read they may not open until boat is under load. Biggest problem is that it's a hour plus drive to anywhere to find out what is and isn't working.
  7. Vacuume secondaries aren't opening
  8. I more than appreciate all the help and ideas. Tomorrow will be the day to do the sea foam filters and plugs. Will have to maitre and see. Thanks everyone.
  9. Was going to put sea foam in the fuel filter after warming up the motor and wait until it started blowing smoke and shut it down to let the sea foam soak in the Cabo razor a while then see if I have any results. I am still thinking I have a lean fuel air max in the carb Wich is making it fall on its face just not sure on how to adjust that with the injector screws on the front of the carb. I've read that they should be turned until late motor rpms come up to max and then fall back off on both sides. Not sure if I'm making sense or not.
  10. Plugs are good. A year old but didn't get on the water last year. Had shifting issues with the. Boat. So other than yesterday only have been used a couple of times. May pull them again and check them out just to rule that out. I'm in same place as you this is my first Inboard outboard. Every thing else I have is out board.
  11. And yes Big Dave she still catches fish. Best day for me on the lake in a long time fishing wise.
  12. Brand new fuel filter. The air filter on the top of the carb looks good to me. Strange to me that the motor runs like a dream on the water muffs but when put under a load in the water it stalls out. I am thinking it is running to lean but not sure. I'm excellent at chainsaw and small engine carbs but this is my first Inboard outboard. Any way haven't tried the sea foam yet. The Gas that was put threw he yesterday was brand new ethanol free and treated with marine stable. I'll try the sea foam. Maybe some deposits are stuck in the carb.
  13. Also doesn't much care to idle under 1000 rpm. Kind of skips
  14. While on muffs motor responds beautify . When put under load at about 3000 rims dies out.
  15. Motor is mercruiser 305 older probably late 70 rochester carb mercruiser 288 I think. Quadra jet carb. Out Drive Is 228 Mercrusier. Carb was rebuilt. Last year. This was first run in water. Been hooked up to muffs
  16. Thanks to all on giving me some starting points. Anyone have any thoughts on the motor problem was going to start a new thread in this old boat bit the site won't let me. Anyway thanks.
  17. Splash down for the new to me boat. Got to myers about 0700 got boat in the water. Ecstatic that it floats. Turned key and motor started very big plus. Pull away from the dock and start heading out the shoot and everything is looking great. Get out in open water and try to get the boat up on a plane and as soon as motor hits 3000 rims it falls on its face and dies. Sit out in front of Myers stalled out and drifting. Anyway get boat started and decide to try and fish. Start north on the east end of the lake rigger.s at 60 and at 70 and dipsy set 200 on 1 240 on 3 and start plugging my way north. Motor seems to run ok at slow speed so able to fish. Near the cliffs north of Myers dipsy takes a shot and new guy on the pole thinks he is setting the hook in a northern sets the hook so hard breaks off the 20 lb fluro leader be hind the dipsy. Lesson learned. After that had a steady pick of Lakers and rainbows. Mostly small rainbows around 18 inches. Had numerous short strikes and boated 8 fish. 1 laker about 10 lbs and kept 2 rainbows that I couldn't revive. Fished up past Aes on the east side then looped back past the boy scout camp and T falls. And then back across to myers. The highlight for the day was right in front of Myers on the return trip when my buddy's wife landed a slob of a brown. Best screens for me today we're 60 to 80 foot over 120 to 140 foot of water. The brown my buddies wife landed was the biggest fish she ever caught. And the 10 lbd laker was the biggest she ever had seen. She is hooked and can't wait to go again. Good luck to all out there was brutally hot today.
  18. What depths were you fishing. Headed that direction tomorrow. Havent had. A chance to get out this year. Thanks in advance. Will post results to tomorrow.
  19. Big shout out to big Dave. Getting the loon feather out on the water this thursday for the first time I'll be launching her out of Myers and fishing north. Any info on starting points would be greatly appreciated haven't had time to get out yet this year. Anyway thanks Big Dave. The boat has had a face lift on the inside and will get exterior work done to her as time and money allow. Also thanks to anyone in advance for any starting points will post results of the day later on. Thanks again.
  20. I dought you will make it out of the channel not 100 percent sure but I wouldn't try it.
  21. Use welding stainless steel welding wire. Not soft and can get it in different diameter. Some where on line I found the breaking strength of the wire for each diameter. How many lb test it was.
  22. If I know I'm in to fish I run 6 rods out of the back of a 16 ft home made center console the boat only has a 4.5 ft beam. I run multiple 2 divers on each side with 2 down riggers out the back and very rarely have tangles. Just keep your short leads on your dipsy closest to the boat on 1 or 1.5 and the long lead divers on the out side at 2.5 or 3 and you should be fine. If I'm running lines down the shoot I always have them elevated to help keep them clear of everything.
  23. Don't release rigfrom downrigger. Bring rigger and stacked right up togeather
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