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  1. Guys just left there tackle is nothing I was interested in I picked up 2 packs of down rigger cable and 2 older daiwa trolling rods I will use as spares Best thing there was the electric down riggers 2 canon white Mag10s with 2' booms $275 for the pair 2 Walker electric down riggers $300 for the pair If you want them get down there fast as he lives in an apartment complex and manta once guy pulled up and wants to shut him down He said too late for to day but is canceling tomorrow
  2. Thanks! If I can accomplish the proper speed with the main engine with trolling bags I'd rather not have the headache and cost of purchasing a kicker and steering system If anyone has hooked a kicker up to be controlled by the main steering I'd be interested to hear about it
  3. This ? http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/39087-penn-yan-pocket-drive/ Any more input? Will the boat troll down well say 2.5 - 3mph? Is steering an issue at those speed and can a kick be run with it locked straight and simply use the boat steering wheel and ruder of the tunnel drive to steer?
  4. Anyone use a Penn Yan with tunnel drive for trolling?It's a 23' boat with 270 crusader engine. I love the layout and platform for fishing just not sure of how well it will troll. Tunnel drive is greek to me
  5. We went 4 for 4 today 2 browns and 2 matures 18 lbs and 23 lbs SD and fly for kings off dipseys and browns of frog spoon Fished 60 fow 40 down
  6. We finished up 7 for 9 for the day The 2 mature kings 4 browns and a small steelhead Considering yesterday's bite and the wave conditions it was a good morning
  7. Just did a 19.5 lb king off dipsey 240 ft of line out SD And green glow fly
  8. 2 in the boat 5 lb brown and 24 lb king Both of rigger 55 down over 85 fow
  9. Been wondering when J plugs are gonna start working ran one last 2 times out for a while but they didn't get touched....still like SD and flies best
  10. 10/4 on the flies while fighting the 25 lb king the had me at their mercy My legs were their buffet!
  11. Thanks didn't know the flies where gonna visit today next time out will have the bug juice
  12. Share the knowledge Larry it may be returned to us some day 100 to 120 ft 70 down
  13. 4 for 6 with a 25 lb king Silver with green dot spin dr and green glow A Tom Mik fly Also frog dot spoons Heading back in early chores to do
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