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  1. Beautiful day on Lake O today! Set up in 150 FOW and trolled north. Went as far as 350 FOW but most action was between 220-270. Fish were deeper than they have been, we just tried to fish temperature down looking for 46 degrees. Took fish on 300 and 400 copper, 7 color core, riggers and 1 on dipsy. We ended up 12 for 15 with some teenage kings,1 Atlantic and 4 lakers one of which was 14 lbs. Green dolphin,NBK , Dave's salmon slapper and big laker came on Carmel dolphin. Couldn't get the spin Dr and fly to fire at all today. Good luck and good fishing!
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  6. Billy Baroo was my hottest stick all spring!
  7. Planers will be out all summer for core and copper. Added 1/2 weight 2nd keel and today was 1st time using them. Very pleased they really pull and track great
  8. Cold water inside started in 75 FOW picked up a Laker off 3 color core . Headed north and finally got our program dialed in. 150-170 FOW top 35 feet . Finished up 13 for 15 with some real nice steelhead and coho with some small skippy kings mixed in. Every rod took fish, dipsy took small skippys but everything else was productive,riggers, 3 , 4 and 7 color all took their share. If it didn't have green on it it didn't get touched.Froggy, NBK, green dolphin did best. Good luck this weekend, I won't be back out till next week DD
  9. Figured with all the rain there would be ... Good luck tomorrow
  10. Waters is cold now I'd start in before going out that far...
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