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  1. What a Birthday ! I couldn't have asked for a better time. 6 for 8 with the Duke and he got in on the action too! 22lb King we released, 24lb 7oz King for my partner and he also landed an 8 1/2 lb steelhead 3 small 3 to 4 lb kings. Not bad SandyCreek! Current was horrendous and a lot of moss and debrise floating around. Big king came on a chinook dipsey 300' wire out Hammer time spinny and Green fly, 22lb king came on a silver back froggy 77' down Good luck and good fishing ! DD
  2. Current was ripping for sure... But we managed ok My mate Larry aka Duke landed a 24 lb 7oz king! Just weighted it in at. Narbys good for 4 th place so far
  3. 43 down 100' over 200fow Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Fishing out of sandy today ... Good call so far 22 lb King Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I knew I should have used more concrete Dang!
  6. +1 many that don't belong on the water and if you want to see a real circus try using the public launch on the weekend
  7. You and your dad are the best crew I could ask for! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Head out from the river today and motored towards Braddock Bay. It was sporty to say the least and the current was just unbelievable today. We fished from 100 to 200 FOW targeting kings. We managed 2 small kings but no matures. We ended up 7 for 9 with 2 browns and 3 lakers. A great double with a 12 lb fish and a monster 21 lb 5oz laker that has me in 3rd on the LOC derby board. Both came on spin doctors, on dipsy and wire and 400 copper for the big guy. My arms still are sore. We captured the whole thing on video,I will post later after it's down loaded.
  9. Congrats Chris! I put a 21lb 5 oz Laker on the board today currently 3rd place and I have video of the whole deal
  10. You japped on us you were supposed to be catching that fish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Yes when the show back up a 25 lb fish will hit the board Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Well the brown party was over and our grand plan of catching browns in tight was over before it started,warm water spilled in close warmer on bottom that the surface 69 degrees . We made 2 quick passes in front of shipbuilders and headed north. Water finally started to get colder after 100 FOW . We had riggers set deep and Coppers off the otters. Took a 5 lb laker on the 300 copper also a skippy as well as another skippy off a Sea sick waddler on rigger 61' down( finally caught a fish on SSW !) Lots of bait a few hooks but same story, not hungry and no matures to be had. Finally I said let's have some fun and actually catch some fish! We set up in 130 FOW and sent down some Hammerhead bells and spin n glo's We had a ball catching lakers, doubling up a couple times . I know yuck Lakers but hell it was fun and we caught some good ones! Largest one went 14.5 lbs, a couple 12 lbs and the rest between 6 and 10 We salvaged the day and finished 11 for 12(we lost one on a double only two of us fishing today so it was Chinese fire drill time on the doubles) Good fishing and hope everyone has a safe and fun 4 th of July weekend !
  13. anything with deet will work...be careful deet will eat vinyl and rubber
  14. Heck I'll fly you in twins from Vegas for your secrets!
  15. I don't think this was meant to be a pissing match all was stated in good spirit and just some common sense advise on all sides. Paul gave the OP good advise,so back on track about fishing out of the Oak
  16. And to some of the charters just because you have a bigger boat and paying clients doesn't mean you own the lake and can cut off the smaller boat... There is enough room in the lake for everyone 99 % of the charters on the lake are great as well as the weekend guys but a few bad apples on each end give both sides a black eye Be considerate as stated you don't know what the other boat is running off the back err on the safe side and give plenty of room Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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