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  1. It figured as I was just getting in to the fish....better to live to fish another day than die catching um today
  2. Slipped out around noon for a solo trip out of I bay. I headed east and set up 3 rods in 100 FOW, 2 riggers and a dipsey. I only got in a little over an hour before storms started rolling in . Took 2 quality fish a nice steelhead and fat brown.Steelhead put on a show jumping 6' out of the water 4 times before I finally remembered to turn the Go Pro on. Steelhead came in 100fow down 73' on DW gator, the brown came in 85' fow down 75' on DW NBK After I landed the brown it was time to get out of Dodge as the lake was capping and lightning in the distance. Good Luck and good fishing! DD https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Ah-9CeVajko
  3. I buy more hunting, shooting and reloading stuff from cabelas than fishing supplies
  4. Congrats on a great couple days and big fish! I can relate to the cash register at. Narbys! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I ran 12 lb line up until a couple weeks ago Now it's 20 lb main line with 30lb blood run sea flea and 20 lb segar floro leader Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. FYI Cabelas is opening next week in Buffalo,I received an invitation for a before the general public opening for Aug 6th The party is over already though I just placed an online order and was charged NYS sales tax
  7. We started out friday fishing Big Fish Friday and trying to get a program ready for Saturdays shoot out. It was a short crew just 2 of us on Friday and we headed west.We set up in 100fow and had a good screen but couldn't move a rod so we started a north troll. We picked up a few skippy kings once we got over 200fow. Temps down were up high as had been the case all week.When we hit 400fow we took a hit off the rigger down 80' on a white green dot spinny and an MC rocket crazy fish and shortly boated a 13lb coho.We worked betweeen 400-450 fow and boated 4 steelhead between 4 and 7 lbs. We took a good hit on the dipsy with a spinny and fly but the leader broke and we lost the spinny and fly set up as well as the fish. We decided to troll south east and work back in. Things were dead for quite a while but when we hit 260fow the rigger rod fired 45 down with a DW gator, a nice steelhead that put on a show and weighted in at 10lb 5oz.. We landed another small steelhead and continued to troll in. When we hit 150fow the rigger down 45' with the DW gator fired again the rod bent over and as soon as I grabbed it it started screaming out drag. We pulled in the 300' copper and dipsey along with the other rigger rod from that side of the boat. After a couple more runs I started getting it to the boat. With about 60' 0f line still out I look to the starboard side and see a sail boat heading right for us. With just the 2 of us on board I tell my net man/driver you have one chance get him in the net and grab the wheel. I get the fish to the wash and he slips the net under the big fish, He then hands me the handle and grabs the wheel and turns hard to port. As I hoist the fish into the boat the sail boat pass by at 30 yds waving and smiling saying "hello". If we hadn't cleared the lines we would have had a mess. The king was a good one we put it on our digital scale and it was bouncing around at 23lbs. We pulled evey thing up as it was 1;30 and headed in The fish weighted in at 22.25lbs at weight in we took 2nd place just shy of 1st which was 22.43lbs Saturday was a diffent story we were done as soon a we left the creek we headed west instead of east and that was a big mistake. We landed 2 small browns and some skippy kings . Warm water started rolling in and we just couldn't put anything good on the deck. We finally went to our laker program landing lots of fish but only one good one and at that point it was late so we didn't even put it in our box. Big congrats to Matt and crew of the Jakey Baby they had a great day and earned the win!!! We are looking forward to next years shoot out We can't complain it's been a great season so far for the Double D,9th place salmon in spring LOC, Summer LOC 2 salmon on the board (one fell off) both won fish of the day,21.5oz Lake trout 9th place and won the video contest. Good fishing and good luck to all DD
  8. Not really they would have finished 3rd and won $300
  9. Nice fish! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Nice work! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. No worries Im a Dolphins fan I was born in Cleveland, Garfield Heights
  12. No keep it on stand by and press record when I want to film other wise the battery dies very quickly, it also dies if you keep the blue tooth on. I still need 2 batteries for an 8 hour trip even in stand by mode
  13. I use the standard 1080 setting, no matter what downloading and editing is time comsuming. Once edited download to Youtube This is the mount I use
  14. Nice job and report,great pictures but come on Browns and PBR
  15. This is what the NYS regulation states for lake trout lake trout Jan. 1 through September 30 minimum length none Limit 2 except no more than 1 shall be between 25" and 30" As I read it it would be legal to have 2 over 30" Not that I want to catch lakers
  16. Fished out of Sandy yesterday afternoon and started picking up fleas
  17. Things got fast and furious on the Double D. We had a triple and as soon as we got one in the boat another one would hit. My mate Larry thought he was funny at 3:35 in the video you can see him try to pass me the 400 copper rod he had been working. He's pretty good with a rod in each arm! We landed all 4 fish http://youtu.be/b8okKoLgyCY
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