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  1. In spring leadcore is my go to. I run a 3,4,5,7,10 color setups. This time of year the coppers produce more but the leadcores work great when cold water gets blown in
  2. Four Cannon Mag 10A Downriggers. Three have dual rod holders and one has a single. All have swivel bases and plugs. $200 each. Pick up only. I live in Buffalo and fish out of the oak.
  3. I always run it behind a flasher with 3 teasers. I have an 8" flasher always down and if the fish are deep I'll use 11". Also big weenies whip tale flasher in the 10" size have been good any below 30 fow.
  4. Last year I fished clear creek after some high water and there was coho eggs everywhere I couldn't believe it. My first salmon was an Erie fish right out of the buffalo river but that was back when they were stocked
  5. Pa223 the fishing is still really hot. I've been ruining mostly meat it keeps the shakers off and has been producing well
  6. I heard from a few guys that the brown trout bite has been really good but I think there are so many kings out there right now everyone is just going for them. I keep telling myself I'm going to go fish for Browns but cant resist the big king bite.
  7. I have it and use it on Erie. It wouldn't work all last year but this year it does. The big problem is it doesn't cover the depths we need on Lake O
  8. I normally use both. 10 color on the outside and whatever length copper I'm using on the inside
  9. I've seen some post on Facebook of pretty consistent pink salmon bit. I would love to give them a try
  10. I have a set of Big Jon Otter Boats with the daul keels. One was cracked on the side last season so I epoxied it and they work fine. I painted the underside green for inshore brown trout fishing. Pick Up only I live in buffalo and fish out of the oak. $150 Call, text or private message Seven16-Six04-Six399
  11. I did great out there yesterday. 9 for 18. I was out by Devils Nose fish came mostly on meat down 110 -140 in 150 to 200 feet of water
  12. I've got a set of otter boats with the dual keel. One is glued together but it they work good. 150
  13. Sorry I was away from the app over the weekend I replied to everyone's pms
  14. I live in Buffalo but fish out of point breeze by Rochester
  15. I have a Okuma Copper Combo for sale. The reel is a Okuma Convector CV 55 L with 400' of 35 blood run copper and blood run mono backing. The rod is a Okuma Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore CP-CL-862M 8'6". $150 pick up or buyer pays shipping.
  16. The amount of alewife in the lake trouts stomach this year especially has amazed me. When the lake trout were shallow they had mixed stomachs now it's just alewifes and tons of them
  17. It's been tough out of the oak for silvers of any decent size but the lake trout are willing to play. I caught one Saturday over 250ft on a 2 color leadcore that was the last thing I thought that rod would pull in
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