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  1. Still looking for crystalina watermelon spoons. Thanks Dale
  2. He posted me twice this morn. 9 mil. Buys a lot of spoons.
  3. If you dock at the co.on the OAK I will see you. 265 PRO HUNTER # 46 Thanks Dale
  4. Crazy Eddie Send pics. I'm interested. Thanks Dale
  5. Renosky cristalina watermelon spoons Thanks. Dale
  6. Yes Sir. I will let you know when I get back. My out drive is a TR. Dale
  7. Thanks Hank. Going up in two weeks to get boat ready. Nut is tight. Thanks again for info. Dale
  8. My 1991 penn yan pro hunter steering wheel is loose. It steers but wheel moves up and down. Any suggestions ? Thanks for any help. Dale
  9. Bob Package came today. Looks good.Hopefully I will send a pic of a huge King this summer. Thanks. Dale
  10. Will take spoons if shipping is free. Call me at 570-673-3084 Thanks Dale
  11. Would like to change planner line to braid. We pull copper on otter boats? What # and brand. Thanks Dale
  12. Happy Holidays from Tioga Co. PA. Best wishes for 2016 . Looking forward to tackle busters in the spring. The crew of Hillbilly - x- press
  13. Check 2009 20ft. Trophy Wa This boat is in new condition. Page one on this site.
  14. Butch Going yo pass on your boat. I need to upgrade electronics on my Pro hunter. Good luck with your sale. Thanks Dale
  15. I will let you know by sat. I live in Tioga co. Pa.
  16. Fishing Fishing Fishing This site is for fisherman. If you want gossip or politics go to Facebook.
  17. Would like info on best products to clean. and wax fiberglass boat Thanks to LOU members for all the help in past 2 yrs. Dale
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