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  1. Erie.... Dunkirk or Barcelona. Pounding them from what I hear.
  2. I just bought a helix 7 chirp gen 2. I put it on last weekend and used it for a few hours .... so far so good . Bright screen easy to use buttons . It won't operate under 10 volts so make sure your batteries have enough juice to run everything or run the helix to its own power source . My navionics chip was back ordered but should be here tomorrow , so after this weekend I should have a better review . So far I'm happy... check out boatersland. Com , best prices I could find . $454.00 for the 7. Good luck
  3. How about the 2" steel trim that's on edge along the entire length of the docks at the ramps ? Can wait to to see the beauty marks that leaves on boats and trucks when someone gets a little to close . July 4th I love to be there selling beer and hot dogs taking damage wagers ! That place is a wreck I launched there Sunday and was far from impressed
  4. We had a great morning in Wyoming county ! Called in 4 birds by 7:15... he missed twice on a group of 3 jakes then clobbered this jake that came in 10 minutes later ! What a hunt..
  5. Sounds like a fuel issue , I had a 2000 Johnson with similar issue . The fuel line wouldn't hold a prime I replaced the fuel line and primer bulb and it was problem solved . It only takes a pin hole to let air in the system . I'm no pro but that's where I'd start if I was self diagnosing . Pugsleys marine in Ontario is a dealer if you're looking for a shop. Good luck !
  6. I'll take the two accu depth medium's. I can meet you in Rochester with cash if you'd like
  7. Oak orchard 4/2/17 Shake down went well today, 7:30am- 12:30 pm we went 12/15 on browns. With only two of us on board we managed 3/4 on a quad ... the highlight of the morning ! All sticks bay rats in bt candy , moldy candy corn , mother of pearl 3 1/2" bomber all took multiple shots . 8-10' fow west of the breakwall. Small spits of color inside the muddy water were the ticket . Biggest was 7 1/2# with a few others close , the rest cookies, but heathy fish. Great morning on the O!
  8. What year is the boat, I have a friend looking I gave him your contact info. It looks like it's in great shape! Any motor issues? Impeller good? Beautiful rig!
  9. I've owned two different crestliners and will never own anything but a crestliner. I've not owned a Starcraft but have a close friend that does, he wants to trade boats constantly ... lol he says the aluminum on the Starcraft is flimsy and dents and creases easily. Mine is a 18' Sportfish, it's a 2000 and we re powered with a E-etc in 2015. Couldn't be happier. I will admit in a perfect world a 20or 22' is better suited for big lake outings. The authority model is a sweet rig with TONS of storage , their best designed fishing model ever in my opinion. I may not have answered you question because I am 100% crestliner bias . Lol . Good luck and post pictures of your new rig!!
  10. I'm heading out this weekend weather permitting, thanks for the report ! Were the lakers east or west of the mouth ?
  11. Thanks for all the options! looking forward to some new water this spring
  12. I've never fished down there but have it on my list, i usually fish out of the Oak. I was thinking of trying Hughes this spring...
  13. Pick one Brown Trout Port... If you could pick one port for spring browns, and lakers for a back up from the Niagara Bar to say Sodus, which one would it be.... Just interested to see everyone's preference. Thanks in advance
  14. WANTED : bombers - 3 1/2" floaters any color - shallow divers Looking for 3 1/2" bombers, any color or condition as long as they still float! looking to custom paint some for spring. Thank You
  15. Did decent out of the oak in March, but got skunked on Saturday. Word is it has been good west of johnsons creek.
  16. I drilled 3/4" holes about 1" apart in the bottom then a row about 3" from the bottom about 3" apart. It gets me 1-1.3 mph slower . Hope this helps. It's very easy to pull in too. Tie ropes as handles the metal handles won't last
  17. I have a 17.5' crestliner with a 115 hp e- tec. I made a 5 gal pale drift anchor for each side, it cost me $10 and got me from 2.8 down to 1.8. They stay out of the way attached to the front cleats... Works great. His other option would be a different pitched prop but then he would loose top end.
  18. Its a decent event , but mostly geared toward warm water fishing. I went last year and probably spent 1/2 hr walking around. I'm guessing 30-40 tables maybe someone could help out with how many vendors are signed up this year. I live 10 min away so its a no brainer, A long drive I'm not so sure, but with it being a cold day and not much else going on it would be a toss up.
  19. I've been out three times in march with no issues . As said before vertical draining and turning the motor over a couple times after coming out of the water turning the water pump and pushes out any water left in the system . This prevents the water discharge opening from freezing for your next trip.
  20. Are these the ratchet style or the cam lock style? Thanks Jeff
  21. Very interesting info! Thank you for the responses it seems like anything else , you have your favorites and see what works from year to year. I'm trying to update our equipment since getting back into the big O game after being off of it for years . I'd like to add to our lure collection every year and this greatly helps !! Thanks again
  22. I bet stingers will be a common choice! Does anyone run evil eyes/ red eyes anymore? I went through a old box of my dads trolling spoons last night and there were tons of them and n/ k's . Old school or still useful ?
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