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  1. All set ..... Thanks Irish rover charters !
  2. Thanks for the help guys ! Pm sent for pics.
  3. I'm looking for a base that slides in the bottom of an older style cannon hand crank rigger with a threaded center hole. I'm having trouble finding a standard one it seems that most are the larger size for the electrics, or don't have the threaded hole for the anchor nut. Thank you Jeff
  4. Went again this morning, water is very cold.... 35.5-37.5 only went 2/2 both small browns. A few other boats out including a couple charters , hopefully they did better than us. Only talked to one other boat and they went 0/0. Dec was out and checked us at the launch , life jackets and license's were his concerns. Very nice officer, couldn't have been more professional and polite! Good luck all!
  5. Are the swivel track bases still available ? I'd be interested in one at least.
  6. I've read a lot on here about colored water and finding pockets of warmer water, and this leads me to my question. Can you find colored water and warmer pockets away from river and creek mouths? Randomly along the shore? Has anyone found pockets of fish in the spring in an area that really doesn't make sense as far as color and temp? I'm thinking that once the lake gets more crowed it would be nice to troll east or west to get away from the crowds but is this wasting my time if I'm not near a trib mouth? Are there certain shoreline features that might indicate one spot being better than others like a small point with shallower water that might warm quicker or anything like that. I appreciate any feed back! Sorry for the barrage of questions but i'd like to distance myself from the popular spots and still catch fish!! Thanks Again Jeff
  7. Point breeze by the black north . No docks but our 17.5 crestliner went in and out easy with low boots
  8. Point breeze by the black north . No docks but our 17.5 crestliner went in and out easy with low boots
  9. Spent three hours dragging sticks this morning , we were the only boat out. Went 4/4 all browns. The same lure never went more than once. My own painted sticks took 2 and the other 2 were bay rats. 40 was the temp they liked pretty bumpy out there by mid morning !
  10. Thanks for the report and congrats on the browns, we'll be out first thing in the morning . Hopefully a few are hungry !
  11. Would the rigger mounts fit a berts track system? Are they swivel mounts or fixed? Thanks Jeff
  12. Thanks! As long as the wind stays away sunday looks good for us !
  13. Congrats on the browns! I have plans for a trip sunday, what was the water temp out there?
  14. Good eaters ! Nice job. East end or west end ?
  15. We have a 17.5' crestliner with a 115 hp etec. It was a brand new leftover 2014. Yesterday was our first day with it but the troll down right out of the box impressed me. I troll oneida lake for walleyes and was hoping it would troll down so on windy days I wouldn't have to fight my bow mount min Kota . The e tec is very snappy and super quiet ! My buddy has a new Yamaha 115 and I don't think this etec is much louder if at all. Check out pugsleys marine on 104 in Ontario ny they were very good to deal with.
  16. Perch colored sticks seemed the best. One on a silver spoon flatlined with a half once weight 3 ft up . I don't have riggers set up yet. One was a stick I bought as a blank , painted and epoxied myself so that was my highlight of the day !
  17. Launched at 7:15 headed west in gin clear water went 2/4 in 8-11 feet. One nice brown one little coho. Turned around past the park and trolled back to the ladders. Nice dirty water east of the piers went 1/1 on a small coho there , was out of the water by 11:00. First time on the lake in years. Great splash down trip. New e-tec purrs like an expensive kitten ... Lol
  18. Good talking to you yesterday , I'm the guy in the white pickup that parked next to you in the lot after you pulled your boat out. Small world .... I'll be out Saturday hope we have a good shake down like you did. Take care Jeff
  19. Docks are in at the black north side, stopped on the way home to look. Guys said when they launched this morning they weren't in but this afternoon they are .
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