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  1. Not a hardtop tho big cabin
  2. I have a 1990 Thompson Santa Cruz 26' for sale good condition 350 low hours boat has to go 7 k will take it
  3. I have a 1990 26' Thompson Santa Cruz for sale or trade boat is in good condition and motor has low hours can pm u some pictures is your boat aluminum?
  4. Are you going up route 17 to Oswego this weekend or July 4 th weekend I live off rte 17 will take if still available
  5. Was out of Oswego this weekend went 7 for 9 on lakers in 120 -140 ft water went out to 250 then back all rigged for silvers had both riggers but no one home 46 temp down 85 picked up a Steele and 2 small kings up top out in 160 - 170 slid in next morning picked up 2 nice Browns 8# each then back to laker land went back in before dark picked up another brown then went in packed up now back to reality until next time we meet again lady o
  6. Is there neway. To tweak the 597 hd di series as well and if u have a lowrance fish finder hooked up as well will the two work against each other or can only use 1 at a time
  7. I will take the otter boats I will pm you
  8. Located in Orange County ny boat has very low hours on it in good shape as well needs some tlc could sleep 4 comfortably as well pm me 845 500 7739 I can send u pics this afternoon
  9. I have a 90 Thompson Santa Cruz 260 26' 350 I /o 7500 I would take or bo
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