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  1. How are those Cisco rod holders attached for track mounting?
  2. I talked with a guy from US Fish & Wildlife once about distinctive markings on fish & he mentioned that there is software that will recognize individual fish, but it's not very good at it, as of yet. Facial recognition for fish?..hmmm, interesting
  3. I'll be there Tues to check things out! Thx much!
  4. john1947: I'm going to take another trip up there maybe Tues or Wed & will report (hopefully Tues). I'll take my stream thermometer along & get a water temp. The dippers know. If I saw 3 or 4 trucks in the lot I would have given it a try but if there's absolutely no one there that only means one thing!
  5. I went to Artpark yesterday to dip & not one car in the parking lot, so we left. Then off to the Sand Docks. A few people night fishing and one dipper on the end. He had his net in but was looking around with his headlamp for smelt in the water. Not a one and he wasn't even dipping. Nothing to net. After that, headed back to Hamburg. I did notice that the water level was up quite a bit at the launch ramp. That jet boat is going to play he77 with the shoreline.
  6. South Gap out of Bflo Harbor. Lots of boat traffic coming in & out of the Gap though so it could be a rough ride. There were a few boats hugging the Coke Channel. Might want to try there. Have you ever posted on Lake Erie United? More LE posts there.
  7. I use PowerPro braid for the mainline & either a mono or fluro leader off the three-way. The braid is much smaller in dia & doesn't stretch. I can also feel the bottom better when bottom bouncing.
  8. muskiedreams...that's even a different way than I had thought of so it looks like there might be a few different options. At first, I was just thinking of a "roving" meeting where you go to, like a Finger Lakes area & have a meeting. the folks in Henrietta just wouldn't have a meeting that month. Then the next time, back to Henrietta & then the next another out-of-town place. Since you brought up the sharing, "Skype" might be another way. I don't know that much about it but if a group met in, say a Finger Lakes area, they would all sit in a meeting room & see what goes on in your meeting on a projector screen. You, then would also see what goes on in theirs. A computer with projector & screen would make it look like a presentation. Families do it with one another but it's more one-on-one. Yours would be group-to-group. It would be a good platform for, let's say, Dr Farrell to give his presentation from Syracuse right to your meeting, on a big screen. Then the audience could ask him their questions. As far as needing secure internet access, I've used a Hot Spot for doing people's taxes. There is a password & it's a connection that goes thru the cell phone system. The IRS uses it so you can take it for what it's worth. But I could conceivably turn a Hot Spot on in my car & have a passenger use his laptop to connect to the internet while riding around town. Hot Spot service costs around $25-$35 a month(?)
  9. I was at the Sheridan launch today & it was loaded with emeralds. Same/same with ft of Ontario. Make sure you get emeralds. All the others are a poor (very poor) substitute for emeralds. Go off Sturgeon & straight off the Catt. Finding a place to park might be hard, though
  10. Here's another option. What about the Muskies Inc #69 that meets in Rochester have a roving meeting where they go to a different area every meeting? Finger Lakes one month, L. Chautauqua the next, etc./ Then they might see you guys once a quarter or so, depending on the area that chap 69 covers? It would certainly build a wide base that way.
  11. 2lbperch...Thanks for the search tips. I forwarded the info to him. I don't know who the guy is but he's a good friend of my friend (who lives in Brockport). How about that woman in the Bflo Philharmonic that got her contrabassoon stolen? What the he77 do you do with that? https://bpo.org/bpo-musician-seeks-return-of-stolen-contrabassoon-stephen-watson-buffalo-news/
  12. Here's the site I use. I went to buoy # OLCN6 in Ontario & got today's data: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/maps/EastGL.shtml Some of the L Erie ones show nothing yet. I think those buoys were removed for the winter. They'll get back online later. Hope it works for you.
  13. I got this email from a friend. If you know or heard anything, please post & I'll let him know: Thanks "A friend of mine's boat was stolen from his driveway in Rochester a few days ago. It is a 17.5-foot G3, green and gold, with 2 Yamahas, 150 HP and 8 HP. Please keep your eyes open - if you detect anything suspicious I can put you in touch with the owner."
  14. I suppose it depends on what technique you mean. Overall, I prefer St. Croix rods but I do have some Diawa's for downriggers & Dipseys. For bottom bouncing with a three-way, which is the technique I like the most, I use St. Croix Premier Series, PC66MF, Med Power, Fast Action, one piece.
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