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    Fishing, family, politics
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    We're still working on it...
  1. In addition to Runnings, The Outdoor Store on the NE corner of state routes 64 and 5&20 has fatheads and shiners at very fair prices...
  2. Bristol5

    Canandaigua Perch

    Were you using flathead minnows?
  3. Bristol5

    Cayuga Lake Fishing in early Oct.

    Given where you're staying, try to work in a dinner at the Taughannock Farms Inn, an historic gem of an establishment. (Now wouldn't be too early to make reservations)...
  4. Bristol5

    canandaigua trout derby

    A belated congrats, Les!
  5. Bristol5

    Name Game # 2

    Azure Acorn
  6. Bristol5

    Name Game

    Re-entry Vehicle
  7. Bristol5

    Pennsylvania Record

    Makes sense...
  8. Bristol5

    Pennsylvania Record

    Somewhat ironic, as the conventional wisdom of that area is for anyone who has a boat to not bother wasting time in the bay itself, but to go several miles offshore for the perch.
  9. Bristol5

    Fire at Milliken

    http://ithacavoice.com/2016/04/41168/ Under control; no word on injuries...
  10. Bristol5

    Happy Easter

    "Tasted way better than week's leprechaun!"...
  11. Bristol5

    watkins glen flea market

    Same building in which they held the gun show a month or two ago?
  12. Bristol5

    Catherine Creek Electro shocking

    So to speak...
  13. Bristol5

    Hello and Thanks

    Thanks, guys, for the warm welcome!
  14. Bristol5

    Hello and Thanks

    It seemed long overdue to come out of the shadows and see if I could begin contributing a fraction of the fine information I've gathered from this site over the past three years. I've loved the Finger Lakes region since my school days in Ithaca in the mid 70's. Recently retired, and having a 16-foot Sylvan stored near Canandaigua Lake, Lord willing I hope to get in a lot of fishing over the coming years. (Some of you angling the Chosen Spot may see a crazy guy fishing from an orange kayak - that would also be me). My son joins me as often as he can, and during the summer months, my wife contributes to the fish fries as well. With the exception of an annual walleye trip to Canada that I take with a bunch of guys I've known forever, I've tended to focus on perch and smallmouth. However, I'd really like to get into trout fishing (all kinds), and plan to target them much more frequently this year. Thanks again for all the help.