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  1. Reality check Fished the last weekend of July at Chautauqua for ski's nada. Been to Conesus for pike/tigers 5 times ever since. On August 7th got a 32' and a 27" and had a real jumbo throw the hook at the boat. Since then been out more 4 times with only a hammer-handle to my credit. Waters nice 73 to 75 in the morning - early afternoons, so it ain't to hot. The critters just got lockjaw. How about the rest of the forum.
  2. As for Conesus they troll usually just above the thermal cline. Fewer n number but the size is 4 to 10 pounds. Better yet long line at night.
  3. Yesterday a guy unloaded at the Conesus boat launch. 1st he used the wrong side and launched (unloaded) at the loading side of the launch.Then he and his crew decided to leave the boat there and come back and launch the boat an hour later. Needless to say he tied things up for boats trying to load between 10:15 to 11:15 AM. Inconsiderate or ignorant or both?
  4. In general it can take a bit of patience to launch and load at the Conesus State Boat Launch. I'm not about to become the launch police. Many folks don't launch or load that often and have large (say pontoon boats) so they often take time in getting in or out of the water. My only real pet peeve is the guys who load, then don't bother to pull up away from the dock to prepare their boat for trialing home. They just pull the boat out of the water and do all their stuff about 25' to 50' from the water thus preventing - making it difficult for the next guy to load. Just today I had to practice my trailing skills by weaving my trailer all over the place while backing up to get around a pair of such fisherman (who weren't novices). Oh well.
  5. Saw this, pike attack. BTW in the video it shows the fish grapping the bait out of the guys hand. Pike Bite.bmp
  6. Got out tp Conesus finally. Fished Monday and Tuesday morning. Had to work for em, but got some decent fish. 34" Tiger very fat guess at 12 pounds easy. 32" pike also a chuncker and a 28" pike. Missed a couple so all in all the somewhat usual take for casting on Conesus. No pictures don't take them when I fish alone.
  7. Now that it's dredged the State Launch is in good shape. It can get pretty crowded.
  8. Ty Again I usually get out quite a bit from the opener in May thru early summer for pike. This year I've only out 4 times, nothing real big yet (except a nice 21+" bass). To date this season how are the rest of you guys fairing with are toothy friends on Conesus (pike and tigers)? In past years mid-May to early-July has been a productive time on Conesus for toothy critters.
  9. BTW are you sure it's only 8 lp's? A 37" tiger usually goes closer to 10 or even 12 on Conesus.
  10. There are some big tigers (> 20 pounds and big walleye > 10 pounds) on Conesus. However pike and even more so bass are more common. For walleye try trolling Husky Jerks, Tail Dancers or Challenger's at 20 to 35 feet down. Or even better fish at night trolling floating Rapala's (long line). Good luck
  11. I think your right on target it's a pike-chain _pickerel hybrid,
  12. When I use 8 lp fluorocarbon fishing for smallmouth and pile simultaneously, I'd say I lose 1/2 the pike due to bite offs (No leader). When I use 60 lp fluorocarbon leader to 30 lb main line braid, I 've never had a bite off, but this is when I target primarily pike. I'd say if you want to stick with strait mono and not use a leader 30 to 40 lp would suffice.
  13. If you want walleye in Finger lakes try trolling Conesus. I don't target them but have caught a number of them from 24" to 28" over the years fishing for Essex.
  14. Pike?? Got me a nice new Lund this year. Unfortunately due to family concerns only been out 2ce. Got one at 30" Pike and a 21" LMB. How the rest doing on pike? Some 3 weeks into the season not hearing much about these great toothy critters on the forum.
  15. Ya if your on Chautauqua go to this place http://www.chautauquareeloutdoors.com/bait-tackle-shop-chautauqua-lake/ He fished the lake for some 30 years and has great custom baits.
  16. 30 pound 832 main, 80 pound fluorocarbon homemade leaders. Since I only fish for the big pure breeds in Chautauqua a couple of weekends a year this in plenty strong enough for good sized tigers and pike.
  17. Sorry I thought I mentioned that in the add? $1200.00 dollars cash
  18. Not yet, I plan on taking off the cover some mild day soon and taking some pics. I just decided to sell it yesterday and the weather hasn't been conducive. Except for the mods made for fishing it is basically laided out like the Dakota 1470. A very similar but not quite the same boat. http://www.polarkraft.com/DakotaModel.php
  19. 14’ fishing boat and Karavan Trailer Boat is a 2003 V1470L Polar Kraft 2003 in good condition with no leaks or damage. 14’ long 5’ 10” wide, dry weight of boat 308 LPs’, Note: boat s w/o motor Boat has strong weather proof canvas cover and wooden supports for support. Can be used for storage in any weather. Boat comes with 2 rod holders and Eagle 320 fishfinder Boats has plastic wood battery supports to level out batteries(s) Trailer is a 2003 17+’ Karavan with spare, newer 12” tires, new wheel bearing, large wench Price $1200 cash
  20. I talked to DMV late this afternoon they said to use the same type form for the boat as well the trailer, form MV912. Fill it out for boat. Then fill it out separately for Trailer. It's just a DMV suggested Bill of sales. They said you could do by hand if included the I.D. numbers, make, model number, name of seller and owner and dated it.
  21. boat and tailer? What’s needed to sell a boat w trailer (no motor) privately. It's a V1470L Polar Kraft with a 17' Karavan bunk trailer. I have the receipt for the boat and trailer sale. I have the title for the boat. The trailer registration is up to date and is transferable. Do I need any other documents from the DMV or otherwise in order to complete a sale in NYS? Thank you
  22. Boat Trailers Do trailer with rollers really have an advantage loading your boat vs trailers made with bunks. (Leave load guides out of this, since they can come on either type trailer). If so what are the advantages? Thank you
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