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  1. Do you ship ? Ide like a few
  2. I have 4x of the cannon mag 10s. I really like them however I would recommend down rigger snubbers. These things stop on a dime and if its choppy sometimes its enough to snap the ball. You dint want that especially if your running fish hawks.
  3. Thanks again. Great meeting you. Good luck with everything 💪
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Slot limits are much needed.
  5. This has been brought up to DEC many times. Especially at meetings and in passing. Especially for walleye and bass/pike. Now more than ever seeing a rapid decline probably due to social media exposure and limited catch and release practices. ST Lawrence has a walleye stocking program I believe its more towards lisbon/ogdensburg area. Maybe could get some ideas from them as something for our region As far as bass fishing I spoke to a tournament bass fisherman fella recently. He said one problem they are coming across is fisherman improperly “fizzing” fish. Causing some unnecessary mortality
  6. Ok ill take 10 of the stacker clips and your cut bait rigs. They rock. Thanks. Money sent
  7. Are these still available? Also wondering if you have any stacker (red) clips available for double stacking
  8. Ok sent message again with address let me know if you received. Thank you :)
  9. Glenn stop hogging all the baits LOLOLOLOL
  10. thanks for the information Glenn, ill def be buying some
  11. (315) 587-2259 clingerman taxidermy does great work as well. I had 5 fish done already excellent work as well. 4995 Brick Schoolhouse Rd, North Rose, NY 14516
  12. Glenn ill sell you down rigger wires if you need em :)
  13. Thanks. I bought that external gps from cobra that plugs into the back of it. See how that works. I have a older garmin chart plotter that i like. However im not sure it’s compatible. Thanks again
  14. Thanks. You are correct. I had to order a cobra external gps that plugs into the back 🤦‍♂️ I assumed for the price they automatically had the internal gps. thanks again
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