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  1. Thanks. Same tactics as deeper? Spoons with long leads, flasher fly? Since they are feeding, unlike the staging salmon, what would work well? I'm not looking for the actual lures, just a broad idea. I'd like to try this this year
  2. Random question....can you fish steelhead in relatively close to the mouth of the salmon river in october? I mean within 100ft depth or so? I know steelhead run up the river come mid october to feed on the salmon eggs. Can they be caught in the lake before they run up? I've always wondered this. Thanks
  3. My dad and I went out of Myers yesterday morning. Crossed below the girl scout camp and fished the west side heading north. Lots of bait in 75 to 100 ft of water all through the water column. Ran through that but didnt pick up anything. Finally got 1 laker on a gambler rig in 140. Then the ol mam decided he had had enough and we came in. Not many fish but a great time together. Nice pup!
  4. What do you think of tomorrow afternoons wind? I saw it's supposed to be from the south, which is good. And supposed to ease up around 2 or 3pm, which is good. Just debating on making another run up....
  5. I had decent screens in 45 to 60, but some of those might have been the browns like the one I caught. Weird thing was it hit a green mag spoon. I launched out of mexico. The ride over wasnt bad at 130 or 2, but by 4 it was starting to get a little sketchy for fishing solo. I took a couple 3 footers that came rolling through and decided to call it. Even though it was only a couple hours, it was great to be out.
  6. One brown....50ft of water down 30. Fished from 2 to 4 before getting off. It got a little to rough for my liking with my 16ft.
  7. Made the decision and sent the boss an email, I'm heading up tomorrow afternoon. Most likely out of Mexico and heading towards the river. Blue and white starcraft. I'll be on the radio. Goodluck everyone and be safe 👍
  8. I'm thinking of making a run up out of mexico tomorrow afternoon for the afternoon/evening bite. Fellow small boater here, I have a 16ft starcraft. I have only fished lake O with a south wind. What do you think those north northwest winds at 6mph would do to the waves? Im debating on if it's worth trying to come up. I know typically with a nw wind it gets rough.
  9. I was out of long point this morning. Picked up 3 dink landlockeds and one 20 inch landlocked. They came 40 to 60 down over various depths. Speed was right around 3 on the GPS
  10. I had the same thing happen on Cayuga last weekend. Was fishing for lls, speed was 3.0 to 3.3 and the cheater was at roughly 25 ft (the rigger was set at 50). The rod went off and started pulling drag, and I thought wow nice salmon. Nope, big laker. It was up high and fast. Weird.
  11. Hey guys. As in many of my previous threads, I just got done totally gutting and re-building my boat this spring. One thing I didnt realize with switching from carpet to all vinyl on the floor is that the gas tanks and batteries under the splashwell would slide around on the vinyl. I'll admit that they weren't secured on the old carpet which I know was not good. For the past couple months I've just been using a tie down across the front to keep them from sliding forward, but they still moved side to side some. Yesterday afternoon I put the finishing touches on it. I bought 8 stainless eye hooks and 4 cam buckle ratchets. I drilled holes in the floor and put the eye hooks in and tied everything down. I covered a small block of wood with vinyl and screwed it to the floor behind the left side battery so it doesn't slide back into the trim pump (mounted on the inside of the transom).The only thing I need to do is to take ghe eye hooks back out and put some 5200 around them to try and seal them up a bit. I'm happy with how it turned out. Everything is super tight and neat, and itll still be easy to remove the tanks for filling. It's hard to tell from the pics, but each battery is tied down with it's own strap. Then the big tank is tied on it's own. The kicker motor tank and the smaller tank are tied with one strap as well. I just thought I'd share.
  12. Not to derail this topic...I am on the lake now by taughannock. I saw the boat heading north in the distance about a half hour ago. I always monitor channel 16 on the radio just for the sake of it. They just came over the radio stating they were doing marine research near the middle of the lake and that they are towing a 2500 foot cable with an un manned boat at the rear and that if anyone has any questions to respond. For whatever it's worth, I thought it was interesting
  13. I promised a report so here we go. I got a little later of a start thinking it was going to rain some this morning. It didn't. On the water at 645 and off at 1130 from myers. I ended the day with 3 ll salmon. The first two were dinks at about 12 inches. The third was 18 to 19 inches. All put back to fight another day. The first two were south of taughannock and the third was north of taughannock by the boy scout camp. Ran over to the east side by myers but there were a ton of floating weeds so mainly stuck to the west side. One came on a sutton 44, and the other two on a mooselook thinfish that was blue and silver. They were down anywhere from 25 to 40 over all sorts of depths. Speed was 3 to 3.5 I did see some huge marks suspended near the bottom, which I'm guess were lakers I feel like now I atleast have an idea of what they want. Now to find some with some size.
  14. Great info. I will have to check out those links. There was no algae floating on the surface or anything. The water was translucent and almost clear. No paint spill marks or anything like that.
  15. Thanks guys. My current plan is this: I dont live far from myers, so friday morning wait for the rain to break around 6 or 630 then head out of Myers. Then saturday hit long point at first light and pull out around lunch time. Then if I still done have any success Sunday morning pick one of the two again. I appreciate all the help. Hopefully I can post a report to help out after this weekend as well.
  16. I'll be out of both myers and long point this weekend. Will see if they are out and about again this weekend
  17. Thanks guys. If you had to pick the north half of Cayuga or the south half of Cayuga, for targeting salmon which one would you pick? I've got two full days to fish this weekend and was thinking of launching at long point one day, and myers the other just to cover as much ground as possible.
  18. Great. Thanks for the ideas guys. Everytime I try to target silvers I still catch lakers. I caught a really nice laker going 2.6 and it was down only 40ft. They are everywhere haha. I'll bump the speed some.
  19. I'd like to target silvers this next weekend. I haven't had a ll salmon on since early spring on cayuga. And that one was a dink. Any ideas on targeting them? I just want to make sure im starting in the right ballpark atleast. Just talking generalities here, no need to give secrets up... Run light flouro leaders 8 to 10 lbs? Long leads off the downrigger ball? Small spoons, bright colored? Run fast, 2.2 and up? Run high in the water column...40 to 50 ft and up? Thanks in advance. If I get any this weekend I'll be sure to post a report.
  20. I saw them very close to shore right off Myers while I was loading out around 1030am Sunday morning.
  21. No, sorry I should have been more clear. I did catch it. I brought the fish next to the boat, was fishing solo, and tried to net it. Then it swam between the boat and the rigger before I knew what happened. It was the first time for that. I've decided to eat it. It's currently in the freezer. Although I usually dont keep lake trout, it was a nice healthy fish.
  22. Hey guys, I know this topic has been covered but I have to ask. I was fishing this morning early. I wasnt planning on keeping anything but I had a 5 pound laker tangle with my downrigger cable at the surface. He wasnt going to make it, so I kept him. This was up my sheldrake. The lake is still a greenish color, but I got him right on bottom in 80ft of water. Do you think he's safe to eat? I dont want to waste it. I was going to freeze it first, then either smoke it, or grill it. What's everyone's thoughts on the color and eating fish? There was nothing floating on the surface as far as algae. Thanks in advance
  23. Do you think the green poses any threat to keeping fish from it? Other than looking around and making sure your not in a copious amount of algae or anything.
  24. It worked fine for me this morning at about 530am. I paid with cash though. Without too much detail, what depth did you get your hits at? I was all over the place depth wise and got skunked. I did get off a little early though.
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