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  1. brown trout, lake trout, Kings. start trolling in shallow 10'-15' and go deeper if need to.
  2. Nice work!! in what fow? and how many colors out on the cores?
  3. e1fire

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    You have nothing to lose the mods can be undone . use a carpenters speed square to get your 45* angle. I modified a set of the TX44 with good results running 300 copper . Also by raising the attaching point the boards wont dive as easy.
  4. I will take 3 please send PayPal link
  5. e1fire

    Spring Browns

    Monkey Puke stinger on a weight rod!!
  6. e1fire

    coho tips

    fish the fast white water Cohos and steelie !!!!
  7. e1fire

    Sold / Closed 8 spoons

    interested do you except PP ?
  8. baitcaster works for me and I use both mono and braid for main line mono or fluoro for leader try adding a 1/4oz split shot on the mainline side of the swivel
  9. main line keel sinker 6' or 7' leader cross lock snap and spinner. replace the keel sinker with a good ball bearing swivel for the spoon.