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  1. I would look into a waist pack that has an optional shoulder harness built in... I picked mine up at the Harrisburg show almost 15 years ago and the straps have finally gotten so worn that I have to replace them.... There is no tag on it to give you a brand name but I would look for something like that. The other option is to use a waistbelt on the existing backpack... Human bodies are not designed to have a ton of weight on the shoulders but once distributed to the hips, you will never notice it if that is all you are carrying....
  2. The area that I hunt in has a deer problem period. The buck to doe ratio is way in favor of the does and even with the farm that I hunt on taking out 15-20 deer every year with hunting and pest control with the DEC, 4 move into the area in their place. The neighbor to the south will not shoot does for some reason, so we have does on this farm that actually end up dying of old age. For the last 3 years I have had deer aged at 8+ years old with the oldest being 10. She was smaller than most and no back teeth. The holding capacity of an area is also bigger than your farm. I have 400+ acres on this one but that means nothing when the 2000+ around me is only looking for racks and pass every single flat head up. The good part is that there is enough food to go around, but at the same time since we also have "sanctuary areas" we also have the highest concentrations of deer. You need to have good doe mgt to have good quality bucks and animals overall.
  3. Hope you get a shot... I am going to try to fill my doe tags before gun season... Farm has a major deer issue since no one shoots does around it....
  4. Yesterday on my first sit in 25+ years with a bow I thought that it was going to be a bust since I tried to approach the stand from what I thought was the safe side. Well there were 5 "confirmed deer" that I booted out of the field thanks to that wonderful moonlight we had, but I figured that if I was able to get to that stand I would at least have an idea what was on the farm this early. Once the sun was up I had mom and 2 fawns come from the north which was behind me. Mom got a nose of me but couldn't figure it out or see me, and the 2 fawns couldn't care less. 1 even bedded 10 feet from the ladder. They move off after about 25 minutes and at 8:00 I have 2 donkey eared does that everyone hates come though and 6 of last years yearlings and 4 fawns come within 2 yards but I can't move without getting busted. They move off to the east and finally get a nose of my entry path. 8:32 I have this 2.5 year old buck come screaming in from the south and get to 12 yards and he stopped hard. Knew something was not right. I have never been successful at archery and then stopped hunting when I was 22. The best I did back then was educate a ton of them and 1 poorly placed shot that ended up as Coyote food. This little guy did a 180 and moved to 15 yards quartering away and I let it fly just to get the skunk off of 30+ years of no success (gun season is a way different story). I let it fly and WOW. he bounded off and I heard him crash. End result - Double lung with a clip of the aorta and a 64 yard recovery.
  5. I also do not believe that you were "Catfished" at all. You do not have the permission of the new landowner, but if you are inquiring about hunting it, he is also able to keep a running list of people that he can reach out as possible suspects if there are findings of violating his rights as a land owner... After all just because you asked does not 100% guarantee that you will be able to obtain rights... It just means that he will only ever respond to people who ask. I think that you also did the right thing by asking and respecting his land owner rights.
  6. The Large Block Targets are more than adequate. I have one of those and one of the cheap Black Hole targets that I am almost getting up to the fletchings on after using that for a vast majority of my practicing. I don't think that I will buy another one unless it is for the kids to use...They seem to break down quicker than the original block one. Granted I was also shooting 70-75 arrows per day for 60 days straight just to work on form so that probably has something to do with it, but there were no broadheads used on it yet and I think that I am going to save the broadheads for a new block or dedicated target.
  7. I agree.. I care more about the hole on the opposite side of my target than any speed that I may get from a lighter arrow or higher poundage. I did find that there is a performance drop off in accuracy once I get to 500 gn on the current bow set up. This I believe is related to taking the pre-flected arrows and builds rather than a shaft tune. If I was to up the poundage to 65+ I think that 500+ grains would not be an issue, but I'll stick to my 480-485 window right now and up it if I go for pigs or bear/elk
  8. At the beginning of the "Pandemic" I told myself that I would pick up a bow again this year and get back into archery. Well I did and tried quite a few bows out and ended up picking up a Prime Logic. I am shooting the HunterXT 300 spine arrows with the 50gn aluminium insert in them and plan to use the G5 Stryker V2 broadheads this fall.
  9. Static build up could be coming from 1 of 2 spots. It could be in the tubes or it actually could be in the powder. There really is not a clean way to get rid of it since you would need to keep the static from building once you have packed the tubes anyway. in the offseason you can try to pack them in the anti static bags from electrical or computer gear or you can try to do the water/fabric softener solution wash after season and then leave them out to dry but I am not one to add more chemicals to the volume measured powder that you are using. The amount of powder that is stuck in the tube is not going to manipulate the performance of the sabot enough to worry about.
  10. My area has been hit quite hard with poachers... Found 2 bucks and 4 does dead from gunshot wounds on the property yesterday... all were vital hits and all were left laying with no effort to recover.... Man I hate that. Let the farmers/owners know and we had DEC all over this one. I have yet to even pull the gun up on a deer at this point.
  11. That is 1 event that I miss from my childhood. I would head down to the slag piles and hunt the brush for bunnies... Limited everytime.
  12. Legacy - Just want you to be aware that the plastic on those is a bit harder and have been known to crack if you use the charger as a sabot starter. The cold seems to really do a number on them and I have personally cracked 3 before. Great charger carrier and you can even get away with a horn just in case Just keep your sabot starter with you....
  13. Federal Coppers worked the best out of mine, Remington accu-tips were a very close 2nd but I opted to get 2 sleeves of the federals... 2 3/4 were way more consistent than the 3 inch.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation Gator..... My text reads 24 pt non typical and live weight 244... That would have had me shaking in the treestand this year if it came across the orchard...
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