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  1. Nittanyfisher

    Turkey 2018

    Thanks for the response. I think that between the over-calling and having some really weird land formations (dips and swales that are really deep between me and the bird) doesn't help either. I am going to try a slightly different tactic of trying to get closer to the hollow that he is in via some better locator calls, sit, get him all fired up and then call once or twice every 45 minutes or so just to be sure he is still there. Most of those calls will just be clucks since I think that a really strong yelp is going to be worse off. I think that I am getting him all jazzed up but I'm really not sure of his location other than in the hollow and then the calling too much is making it sound really fake, and of course he could be on a hen too... Thanks for the tip
  2. Nittanyfisher

    Turkey 2018

    I am very glad to see that others are having such great success this year. I have been out 3 times and I think that I am struggling to get birds into view mostly due to over calling and further more (sounding like a hunter rather than a turkey). Question for you since some if not a majority of the birds are now starting to nest, are you finding the silent call more effective?
  3. Nittanyfisher


    This is great work from what we can see in the picture...
  4. I personally believe that the respect for human life (or lack there of at this time in the USA) is really the root cause of this. Everyone wants to have a reaction that hits home but the reaction trumps that of actual human life. Look at the action called swatting... That is basically 1 step below committing the crimes of opening fire one someone directly, by having another basically do it for you with little to no repercussions. Remember, most of the time, police are not held to the same exact rigors of being able to discharge their weapons mostly due to what their job entails (and in most cases rightfully so)... if you don't have to do it but you call in a SWAT situation on another because he or she pissed you off or bullied you are whooped you in a game online, the possibilities of having a bullet fired by them and nothing coming of it other than 1 dead body and someone else taking the blame for it makes it that worse yet easy for them to rid themselves by someone elses actions
  5. Nittanyfisher

    Lead on 257 Rob loads....

    If anyone out there has a lead on .257 Roberts factory loads (not Hornady brand) that would be much appreciated. I am looking to gather up at least 200-300 rounds to fire-form for the 257 Rob. Ackley
  6. Nittanyfisher

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Do you think that it was tumbling when it hit? That might explain the no-mushrooming but very hard to believe since it was found just under the hide on the other side with the point still intact.... I think that you might have a ton of metal in those sabots (like a production issue) and basically if there is no contact with bone they are not going to open up at all.. Just an idea but I would write the manufacturer. Bullets and sabots do some really weird stuff once they hit, the only ones that I don't see open up are the heavy metal ones.... The important part was that the deer was retrieved and not lost....
  7. Nittanyfisher

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    What damage was done to the internal area/organs in the area of the shot? I am not a fan of high metal consistency bullets. I shoot a Speer Big Game bullet out of my .257 Roberts Ackley Improved in .120 grain and I have only had one pass through this year mostly due to the fact that I shot the doe in the neck. It did break the spine and she dropped like a sack of potatoes, but if I saw this in the carcass, I would be very concerned if the chest cavity was not basically a complete liquefied mess.
  8. I would agree but there are a ton of new ares that are seeing the White pine blister rust and the infiltration of the white pine weevils here in the North East are just too much for me to ever want to plant them again.... Once an area has it it pretty much is a death sentence for the area..... Here is a link to the blister rust from Cornell. http://www.plantpath.cornell.edu/Trees/WPBRust.html The beetle is pretty much a spotty thing but the rust in areas that are wetter than most will be really bad....
  9. Diver, Is there any negative impacts with this like trimming and mowing resulting in this stuff being spread and then growing somewhere else and germinating? I'm just not big on anything that is exotic unless it can be contained relatively easily....
  10. When I donated a trip to a 501c3 in the past I was instructed to maintain a list of expenses incurred for the service. (Gas for driving the clients to the river, lunch, cost of tackle), but at the time I was not able to put a value on the cost of my labor for the trip. This might have changed since the early 2000, but it is a very easy call to a tax advisor or your accountant. Also be sure to get the respose from him/her in writing so there is no questions if an audit comes up you have a date and a letter for evidence as well. That will cover both you and the accountant.