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  1. I have to agree with DJ 17 on his comments. There are a ton of options out there, but the things to look at are 1. What am I looking to harvest with this rifle 2. can I do it effectively without destroying the meat or wounding the animal thus making it suffer, 3. If I get this caliber, can I find ammunition for it, and 4 Can I carry it without wanting to use it as a walking stick because the damn thing is too heavy/light? I use a 257 Roberts Ackley Improved 40 Degree. Little to no recoil, the gun is built on a Rem 700 Action with a custom Hart Barrel and stock to fit me. I'd put it up against anything out there out to 400 yards. I have the luxury of being able to reload all my bullets so this is dialed in. Downfall - all ammo is reloaded so I can't just walk in and pick up a box for a true wildcat round. If there had to be 1 caliber for all N.A. Game, I'd go with a 30-06 only due to the fact that you can load 200/220 gn or greater for moose and bear, or dial it back to 165 gn and decrease your powder charge for whitetail, Coues and Mule deer.... 270 is another great option here as well, but I think that you might have a slightly more reload options with the 30-06....
  2. Normal activity.... My neighbor had his chrome bumper being attacked on 4 different occasions last spring. While doing a bit of shed hunting on a farm I walked out to find my gator being molested by 2 jakes a few years ago.....
  3. Jim, Based on the looks of the flies you seem to have started to perfect the art of the fly for trolling. I will give you 1 suggestion that has taken it up another level for me. When you tie the flash on to the tube (let's say that you are doing so right handed) so the flash is being tied in on the right side and laying flat towards the left.... If you use less flash and tie it in backwards with the tie in point or thread on the left side of the tube and the ends of the flash to the right you will actually get a bigger profile in the water and have to use less flash to achieve the same idea. Basically using the material to almost fold over itself in the water (same idea as a skirt on a buzz bait) Your pics seem to show very good color and flash combos but at the same time you can achieve this with a larger profile in the water and even less fouling if you "tie it all in backwards. Give it a shot and see if you see any improvements.
  4. sportoptics.com riflescopes.com opticsplanet.com
  5. Thanks Kevin.... I would agree that duck numbers based on my direct viewing has gone down. As for the goose drop, I am really questioning the numbers that they are using to define the populations of resident vs non-resident geese. I guess I will spend more time fishing rather than duck hunting... The issue also seems to be the inverse of what goes on weather related... Drought years because I am on established ponds, I see more ducks but when we have wet years I seem to see less and less. Is there any info that you have seen released related to duck numbers dropping to having the egg clutches being drowned by too much rain by chance?
  6. Kevin, Do you have a link to this article? I am very interested in this since I was looking at my journals and the only time in the last 23 years of Duck hunting that I hit a limit for every one (usually 1-3) guys was 2 years ago. This year on Opening morning I ended up with 2 ringnecks (missed the 3rd one) and that was all that came in but I can only add on 12-14 more that I saw in the air on Saturday. Sunday was a bit better but 0 ducks came in, and I saw 40+ in the air over the farm ponds in Orleans County. As for geese, I can shoot my limit every day in the regular season if I wanted but this year I got 3 opening day and vowed never to even call to another group unless someone wanted one. Yesterday alone I counted 300+ that came in and landed on the ponds.... I was just chalking it up to the geese were pushing the ducks out, but if there is no ducks and just geese that could be interesting. I am really interested in seeing how they estimate or count. At one point there were 82 geese on the pond and then another 3 groups circling the ponds looking for a place to land. It will be that way until they freeze up but I would rather the birds be ducks than Canadas.....
  7. Between the hefty body deer earlier in this thread and this monster with heavy horns. I am really liking what I am seeing in your areas. Congrats to those that were successful!!! I can't get out until gun season (mostly due to no longer bow hunting) but it is really nice to see others have success!!!
  8. If you can throw out some Dog Proofs filled with dry cat food on the trails in-between the timber where they den and the fields then you can put a dent in their population.
  9. I'm hoping that the snotty weather that is scheduled for later this week pushes some over my way. I have permission to hunt all say on Saturday but I usually like to get out of the orchard ponds by 10 or 10:30 so not to freak out the picking crews... Unfortunately this is my last shot at early goose this year due to work and family responsibilities, but if I can't get em I hope that the rest of you have better luck than what we have seen so far.
  10. Duk - I am north of you for where I target geese and you will have some more working down that way... There are a bunch of newly cut fields by me and these birds will be hopping from one to another until we get some real weather or more competition for food from our Canadian neighbors.
  11. I too hunted an Orchard pond and the geese were closer, but mainly 1/2 of the numbers that I have been seeing. I did have 1 good thing happen. We had a pintail come in and swim through the floater decoys. I have never shot one and to see a drake pintail only jacked up my excitement for duck season.
  12. I will have to say that this year I seem to be seeing about 20% more resident birds in the greater Rochester area than I have seen in the last 5-6 years. The funny part in looking over my logs from the last 15 years, other than a few outlier years, every year the numbers seem to get better and better earlier in the season. For the last 3 years we limited out on a 3 man limit every first time we were out.... Luck, food, cover.... I'm not sure but I'm definitely looking to continue the trend... Here is a question for all of you, on the opening weekend, are you still seeing the smaller family groups or are most of your birds starting to bunch up a bit earlier in this September season. My numbers have shown a drop in 1s and 2s, roughly the same in the 5-7 bird groups, and roughly a 50% increase in the 10+ bird groups that seem to be in my area.... Thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the response. I think that between the over-calling and having some really weird land formations (dips and swales that are really deep between me and the bird) doesn't help either. I am going to try a slightly different tactic of trying to get closer to the hollow that he is in via some better locator calls, sit, get him all fired up and then call once or twice every 45 minutes or so just to be sure he is still there. Most of those calls will just be clucks since I think that a really strong yelp is going to be worse off. I think that I am getting him all jazzed up but I'm really not sure of his location other than in the hollow and then the calling too much is making it sound really fake, and of course he could be on a hen too... Thanks for the tip
  14. I am very glad to see that others are having such great success this year. I have been out 3 times and I think that I am struggling to get birds into view mostly due to over calling and further more (sounding like a hunter rather than a turkey). Question for you since some if not a majority of the birds are now starting to nest, are you finding the silent call more effective?
  15. This is great work from what we can see in the picture...
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