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  1. i have a friend intrested in the motor not on this site how can he a hold of you thanks john
  2. ill take these ship to 14218 let me know or pickup if close
  3. check out your local asian store they have lots of diff frozen fish
  4. i have the same one its works great my boat
  5. whats the line cap on the Shakespeare Line counters am looking to set up a few six colors thanks John
  6. ill take the two 2 tsunami with 5 colors 50$
  7. ill take them can pick up on tue
  8. ill take the 1) Okuma Classic Pro XP shipping to Lackawanna let me know
  9. Shimano Triton GT TR100-G. Rods are Okuma Classic Pro GLT Downrigger CP-DR-762 ML.7.6 would these rod and reels be all rigth for lead core setups ??? thanks John
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