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  1. Choose less volatile, less toxic and more biodegradable hull cleaners too so it would be easy to maintain and care for them. Ensuring these marine cleaners do not pose any harm to living things, work surfaces or to the environment. Read on the product labels and follow directions for safe handling and application at designated place and temperature. Use only high quality and legitimate cleaners to keep your boat hull friendly to humans and marine life.
  2. I use fire-treated boat floor plyboard, it is pressure-treated plywood that is also a fire-resistant boat flooring material. You can make a plyboard pressure-treated and fire-retardant coated and it can still absorb moisture. Though it can catch fire, the boards seem to prevent combustion, which normally happens when fire hazards are present in motorized vehicles.
  3. I have used Star Brite for many years on my 25 year old Freedom 40/40 sailboat nonskid deck as well as on my 10 year old 12’ RIB inflatable. Twice per year I power spray the deck with a 3000 PSI power sprayer to get the grime out of the tiny deck crevices, being careful not to get too close and tear the deck, then thru the summer use the deck cleaner with a brush. I spray it on full strength with hand held stray bottle then scrub with brush. In the spring I give the inflatable several treatments, then apply ArmourAll heavily. Both the sailboat and inflatable always look brand new.
  4. Aluminum boats are known for being sturdy and durable, that’s why it’s easy to think that there’s not much effort that goes into maintaining them. However, it is still necessary to put in the extra effort, especially to maintain my boat’s good looks.
  5. There are high-quality boat carpets in your neighborhood hardware store or other stores that sell boat accessories. For more convenience, though, I recommend purchasing one online on websites like Amazon, Home Depot, and Boat Carpet Central. Aside from convenience, you can usually find huge discounts if you are lucky!
  6. It’s crucial to check the transom of yours from time to time. Once you find soft spots, they call for the execution of the steps on how to reinforce them.
  7. I've had two of these seachoice hoses, one on my previous 28' center console and this one is on my new 32' center console. Very impressed with both of them. The metal in the nozzle portion of the last one started to rust a little over the 3 years that I had it in the ocean on a regular basis but it still worked great so when I bought a new boat I immediately ordered another one just like it.
  8. Planned transom design and installation can even last beyond a decade as long as you cover it after each use. It may last shorter when not covered while fishing or exposed during monsoons.
  9. Epoxy can be used to fix aluminum or other metals in a variety of forms, from putty to fluid material. Use small 1-ounce vials of liquid epoxy with syringe-style applicators for minor fixes on your boat.
  10. I'm a seasoned boater in the great lakes region and am on my 4th boat. Purchasing this VIVOHOME fender kit with four, heavy-duty large boat bumpers is one of the wisest decisions that I’ve ever made. For the price of these - I paid $125 for 4 fenders with lines - is a great deal.
  11. I used West System epoxy resin. I recommend you use this pale yellow liquid epoxy solution to ensure a hard and lasting cure. No other products offer superior bonding and protection like this.
  12. The BoatCarpetCentral Glue is a solid choice for people looking for something easy to work with. It is water-based, solvent-free, and has a crisp and professional-looking finish. This glue is made easy to apply and works well with either a trowel, a roller, or even a paintbrush. Materials that work well with this glue include marine plywood, particleboard, aluminum, fiberglass, and concrete.
  13. I use this Seapower marine boat soap by TR to clean my boat. I believe it is fitting for any boat as long as you follow its directions for use. I felt great seeing my boat clean and neat using this solution in a foam gun. I tend to pair it with a soft-bristle brush, microfiber milts, and a 5-gallon bucket for ease of use. I applied it in a cool shade and it worked splendidly in mixing and scrubbing my boat.
  14. What I'm pretty concerned with is the weight of the boat when using them. Manufacturers refer to the dry weight as the weight of the ship itself and nothing else. This dry weight means that the trailer, the fuel, and other gear are not included. While a bass boat is made to be lightweight, other factors will weigh it down when it is ready for use. I can’t let the boat go on its own without these accessories. Thus, it is also pertinent to know how these accessories affect the weight of the boat. It will help me consider what things to prioritize when loading and unloading my vessel.
  15. There are a ton of reasons why aluminum boats will get you ahead of your fishing game. But are you well-informed of the right size of the motor for your boat? Do you want to keep its performance at its peak for an extended period? It is best to know what size motor for 16 foot aluminum boat works optimally. The right size motor will keep you safe in the sea, and will also protect your aluminum boat for a long time. Aluminum boats are versatile motorboats. They can be brought around the open sea for fishing, or only for leisure activities. These boats are lightweight and can be customized depending on the owner. So aside from its versatility in usage, you can modify this boat internally. Boats come in handy for traveling from one island to another. Most boat owners enjoy fishing with aluminum boats. Before you shell out cash for a motor, consider what the mini ship is mainly for. The boat’s speed will also depend on the usage. Knowing the primary purpose of using one will help you decide on the size motor you will buy.
  16. Cut the PVC40 PE Pipe into two: With the 10-foot PVC40 PE Pipe, cut it in half to have two posts, one for each trailer side. This height is an estimated size, so if you need a longer post, have a longer PVC40 PE Pipe at the beginning. In your trailer, locate where you will mount the PVC40 PE Pipes. Not all trailers are the same. Some trailers only have space where you need to assemble the pipes as posts, while some have a designated spot where you can place the tubes directly on top. It all depends on your trailer.
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