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  1. I was in a grey 18ft targa. We also hit some browns trolling north out of Mexico
  2. Last weekend it was 140 mark for me. Out from the plant.
  3. Thanks guys. Since posting this ive decided to make my own boards and mast. Still looking gor some rod and reels... thanks again.
  4. Looking for some rods and reels. A few wire rods and a few rigger rods. Also some convectors. Combos if anyone has them or separate. Also a dual mast and big boards. Open to better reels than convectors if price is right. I know im asking a lot but thanks guys. Wanna try big boards this year. I figured i would try here before I buy new.
  5. Thanks to everyone who responded. I have 1 lined up....
  6. Looking for a dual mast and some boards. Figured id try here before i bought new.... thanks.
  7. Where are you located? Im a buyer
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