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  1. https://www.ebay.com/str/bigblueenterprises2015 You can still get new parts for them. Big blue enterprises is good to deal with.
  2. I love my penn 820. Im looking at buying two more. My only complaint is that its almost impossible to find the electrical sockets to plug them into. I had to alter mine to use your generic two pin trolling motor connector. They are built like tanks. Can still find parts for them. Except for the side cover gasket, new ones are impossible to find. Penn all the way.
  3. We caught a nice one this spring (I;m pretty confident that it was an atlantic) 29". By far my favorite fish of the year. This fish leaped totally out of the water 3 times. I'd love to see and catch more of them,
  4. I have a brand new 35 gallon tank that is taking up space if you need one. Not sure if it will fit your boat. It's for sale if you're interested.
  5. All, This was my first season running a single screw inboard (early 80's tunnel drive Penn Yan) I've been using the tiller for steering my 9.9 kicker. On my previous boat I used a tie bar connected to the main outboard, so I could steer from up front. Looking for suggestions to tie the kicker to my current rudder steering (that doesnt include drilling a hole in the rudder). I see alot of inboards in the marina that have the kicker tied to the main steering. So I know its being done. I did a quick search on here, did find a old post that mentioned a cable that could attach to the rudder cable, and then attach to the kicker. But I can find any part numbers online. Anyone feeling generous enough to give me a description of their system? I really dont want to buy one of those electro steering kits.
  6. Would be cheaper and definitely easier to just replace it with another ford.
  7. I haven't ran into a steelhead yet this year. And I'm still looking to catch my first one. Anyone willing on sharing some tips on location as far as steelhead go for this time of year? I'm on the eastern end of the lake (Mexico Point)
  8. 2 downriggers, one copper down the chute. If the water is calm and the winds are light I might run the copper on a planer board.
  9. Caught our biggest of the year yesterday as well. 20lb. I was working in 140 all day. Got frustrated and moved into 80 feet. Hooked into a angry male just west of the Salmon River. All spoon bites for me yesterday. They were hugging bottom yesterday. And I was having hard time with the currents keeping the downrigger ball where I wanted it. Caddy Shack has caught my best fish this year. That spoon got the job done every trip.
  10. I always stack a Flasher/Fly with a spoon above it. Usually 10-15' apart. Never had a tangle. The only difference in my setup compared to yours is that my bottom line (flasher fly) is 30' from the ball. Top line (spoon) is 50' from the ball.
  11. Have you tried pressure canning yet? Just recently got into pressure canning salmon and trout. Ive been pressure canning the fish with jalapenos, garlic and ginger paste. I'm extremely surprised with how "un-fishy" it tastes. I've eaten salmon and trout that was cooked many different ways, I think pressure canned fish is my current favorite.
  12. ttt Make offer. would also trade for gear.
  13. Assuming the big fish are going to the hatchery. The first time I went salmon fishing (15 years ago) we fished some super small tributary of the Salmon River. And there were some really big fish going up that tiny creek. Wish I knew the name of the creek. I just remember dragging the fish back to the car through farm fields.
  14. I believe it's possible for smaller fish to follow the spawners part way up stream, and return to the lake without spawning. Thought i read that somehwere. I could be wrong though.
  15. If I'm going to release a fish, I wont even net it. Get it to the side of the boat, grab it with a set of lip grippers, unhook, then drag it until it starts getting spunky again. My goal is to not touch the fish if I want to release it and have it survive. Taking the fish out of the water is also not ideal. Obviously. The only fish I've had go belly up was a small king that was too small to keep. But that fish never popped the release on the rigger, and was dragged for at least 25 minutes.
  16. What strain was introduced into the great lakes? Tule?
  17. Has the DEC made any comments against the idea of bringing in fresh genetics?
  18. It was going to be a temporary fix for my Penn Yan Explorer if it needed it. But the original tank has no leaks. So I don't need this one. Not sure what boats this would fit.
  19. Bought this in case I needed it for a new to me boat. I have no use for it. New in box. 400 or best offer. I frequent the mexico/Pulaski area once or twice a week.
  20. Couldn’t find the fish today. Had a hard time finding cooler water.
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