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I know it's not Lake Ontario but I was wondering if any of you guys have fished the west end of Lake Nipissing in the Mashkinonge area.  I am coming up there next month with a group guys from the Rochester, New York area for the first time.  We are going to try for pike, walleye and anything else that cooperates.  We are going to try using jigs with soft plastics and casting spoons.  One of the guys wants to try trolling with his boat.  Any tips on what we should use or areas to fish would be greatly appreciated.

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Fished near Dokis a couple years ago.  It's also a western arm off of Nipissing, leading into the French River.  We had a lot of success fishing walleye with bottom bouncer spinner rigs (with gulp minnows).  Slow speed is key.  Also, most of our fish were much deeper than expected.  We fished humps in the 30'-35' range and caught a lot of walleye 2-4lbs (great eating size).   There are also a lot of big muskie in the area so be prepared.  They will attack anything.  Lots of fun.  We were there in early June so the bugs were bad... black flies and mosquitoes. 


Good luck.


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