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I took a 1/2 day Friday and fished with my college student who’s home for the summer and a buddy Matt out of Braddocks.


After getting through the channel where the depth was just about 2 feet in one small section we headed west and setup in 70 feet and headed northwest.  


In the first 45 min we landed a nice chunky laker down 50 on moonshine green knight that went back and then a nice screaming king that went in the cooler on a 5 color you can’t afford it.


From there we just covered a lot of water from 90 to 140 fow and most of the water column running a 9 rod spread.  We only marked a small pod of bait in 100 fow.


We caught a few more lakers on the wire slide diver out 180 on a 2 setting running a custom painted reel rage brown town on a mag copper smashed northern king. We also caught a nice steelhead that went into the box on the same slide diver while setting it on the way down!  This custom brown town setup has been one of our best laker producers in the spring! 


We lost a few,  my son lost a silver on the green knight 80 down on the rigger and we lost a couple more on the rigger with no one home after the release.  


We boated a couple small kings and gently put them back to grow up. 

went 7 for 9 back at the dock by 7pm and home by 745 with a stop at abbots for some of the chocolate almond goodness 







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41 minutes ago, Bo Hunter said:

Very nice report Anthony. I like your wire basket idea for you boards. We'll have to get together on big O for a fish one of these days.


Thanks !! You name the date and I will make it happen Scott!! 

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