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I think it’s a 1968, 2 wd with a posi pedal and a bucket so it never gets stuck, hydraulics are strong. Flaws are that if you leave the gas on at the end it floods like most old tractors do, and sometimes if you turn it off when it’s at operating temperature the starter won’t throw the bendix so you have to wait a few minutes for it to cool down. Has one newer rear tire and the other 3 have good tread but cracking in them, they go flat over winter and usually once I fill them up they last the summer. It’s a nice little tractor but the kids always want to ride with me so I just use my father in laws Massey Ferguson anymore. I’m asking $4500 obo and the best way to contact me is through text or call and leave a voicemail and I’ll call back. Five-eight-5 2-9-8-4-zero-3-7

located in wayland ny 14572





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Stumbled upon your post from a few months back about the John Deere 1010. Sounds like it's been a solid workhorse for you despite its quirks. The posi pedal sounds like a nice feature to have on a 2WD, and strong hydraulics are always a plus. It's a bummer about the starter and the tire situation, but hey, it's an older model, so some wear and tear is expected. By the way, if you're considering a replacement or know someone who is, have you ever looked into Siromer small farm tractors? They offer both 2WD and 4WD options, are easy to maintain, and are quite versatile for a range of tasks. Just throwing it out there in case you or someone else might find it useful.

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