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I have new to me  Scotty Depthpower electric downriggers. 

They retrieve cable if you operate in manual and auto, but on auto they will not stop. I do have beads on the cable.

What trips the auto stop to stop?

Thanks for  your help.


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When you flip the switch to auto, there is a plastic "flap" that makes the cable retrieve slot in the rigger narrower. the stop bead hits the flap on the way through and trips it back to the off position.   Make sure the flap is moving when you turn the switch to "auto".  I use 2 stop beads close together on my Scotty's to avoid any problems. 


Scotty customer service is excellent. One of the counters on my 15 year old rigger fogged up and was hard to see. I sent an e-mail to them and got a phone call the next day to clarify my problem. 2 new counters sent to me free of charge, no questions asked.  If you need help contact Scotty and they will set you up.


Normal cable return opening




Switch in "auto" mode, "flap" narrows the opening, stop beads should hit the flap and trip the switch and turn the rigger off


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