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Few silvers and some heads

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Finally got on the water to start figuring out some silver. Finishing up with the arrowheads as the corn is getting high. Not near enough rain but found some nice last minute ones to share....now to the fishing.....well....I'm trying to get them figured out, temp is setting up nice and targeting out of the column is key but one thing has hampered things a bit......an over abundance of stocked rainbows and browns.   Can't keep them of my spread and the lakers have come up a little higher than normal to take advantage of them.  Over the last week, I bet I caught about 20 that had bite marks on their bodies.......wouldn't want to be one of those!  Good news is lots of fish, but smaller sizes so far....did manage a couple nice ones to share and lost some screamers to boot. Thanks Mike for the Intel, it gave me a good head start.  Had good temp at 50-55, speed 2.6, and didn't matter what color, the little ones are ravenous! Cores were quiet, rigger took some but had to manage fleas, Copper was king.  Lake is continuing to develop and I think it will be a great summer on Owasco. Tight lines.






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