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Looking for some help from our northern neighbors- Regs

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Afternoon,  I'm having trouble finding the size/slot regulations for Ontario zone 20 (lower Niagara) for a upcoming trip. We will be targeting walleye but bass would be fine also.  I have both US and Ontario licenses and will be fishing from the US side.  I have the Ontario regs for zone 20 here and the only thing im finding on walleye is not more than one greater than 63cm (24.8") as well as possession limits.  Nothing on minimum limit or slot if there is one for this zone.  Could not find the minimum in the general regs either.  Am i missing something? Is there any other spots that the information can be had?  Thank you 

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That's it for this year and place. Some areas of the province do. Each year it may change. To the best of my knowledge it never changes mid year. Watch out for species and waterbody exceptions under the general zone regulations.

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ad exceptions
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