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Report 05/20 & 05/21.... Tough fishing right now.... Ran out to our Numbers from Sunday to find a ghost town .. I should have known better.... Went into shallower water and competed with the gigantic clouds of bait. Caught some cohos small kings and a couple steelhead. I've never had my fish finder screen be totally blocked out by bait clouds 
 Yesterday we had a short day, so we fished the bait again. Super tough to compete with the real McCoy!
   Laker, cohos, and a 2 year old ... 
 This is exactly why they call it fishing and not catching...stinger Black and Silvers on Freeslyders,  DW super slims acid Rain, DW Superslims in magic Man were all producers the last two days.

    It's funny how it goes from rockem sockem robots to a total grind.    But that's the Transition for you. 

    Let's hope some stable weather comes in.



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