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Has this ever happened to you before - fuel pump with pic

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So I bought another cheap fuel pump just to see what the pin looked like that held the cam tang or pump lever what ever it's called... Hex head... OEM was rounded studs with resin over one end to stop it from coming out.... Now that it took almost 4 or 5 weeks to get the new one... I gotta put it in and see if in lifters/valves got bent or any cam damage... Cheaper part may have caused and expensive lesson

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29 minutes ago, minnowcatcher said:

Oh man hope its ok! That's a fluke that shouldn't have happened. I had a bolt come off an air cleaner went into the motor and bent a valve I didn't believe it until I pulled it apart. Good luck



It has rod knock on cylinder 5. I have to pull the head and see if the valve hit the piston. But was running good for being 1970. Suddenly after that happened it's got the knock... Going to wait till winter and pull the motor. I still need to do a compression test and leak down to see if it needs to rebuild the whole thing or if I can get away with just a lower end build. Hopefully the crank can just be polished a little and a new bearing put in. But with my luck I doubt it. 

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