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In 50 years of fishing LO, 17 of those years chartering, I have never seen a bite like this mornings in Sandy. Set up in 100 feet, thermocline was down 40. 3 riggers down 50, 40, and 30. Two rods start screaming. Had 6 in the cooler at 5:40 (just my brother and I) Released a bunch of fish and was back in the dock at 7:00. All mature kings except one shaker and a steelhead. Not sure it made much difference but the moonshine carbon 14 in hulk and rv along with the rv crab apple and stingray blackhead were great. 300 coppers and dipsys at 80 to 100. Three mph seemed to be the best speed but hooked fish at 1.5 mph while fighting other fish. 

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