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S & K




Date(s): 6-22 Time on Water: (12-6 pm)

Temp/Weather:(80°F and sunny)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NE 10 MPH)

Waves: (1 Footers, Calm)

Surface Temp: (60°F)

Location: (Wilson )




Total Hits: (6 total hits )

Total Boated: (2 landed )

Species Breakdown: (1 King, 1 Bow)

Hot Lure: (Orange / blue dolphin)

Down Speed: (2.25 -2.5 mph)

Boat Depth: 180-240

Lure Depth: (50 ft)

We had temp from 100 to 240 at 55 to 57 degrees 50 to 80 down. A couple pods of bait no hooks by them. Heard 70 ft and less also productive

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