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question about walleyes in owasco lake


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I was wondering if anybody knows anything about walleyes in Owasco lake. I was talking to a buddy and he said the population is declining because they swim into the seneca river. Is this true? If there are any walleye left, does anyone know where to find them in Owasco? Thanks for any replies!

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Fish do go over the outlet dam, and yes, Owasco Lake does do a good jod stocking the seneca canal system, etc. However ther are walleye out there. Best way to fish them is at night, all night. 95% of my fish come from night fishing that lake. May-July I see that lake more at night than during the day. If you want to catch them during the day this time of year find a good weed line and troll the edge with worm harness rigs. suspended bait will hold them as well, have caught a few on sliders trolling deeper water. learn the lake at night and you'll have better success, at the expense of your next day's work of course. Good Luck.

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