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Had a little fun last night with a friend of mine and his 12 year son, left the harbor around 3:30 setup in about 125 fow, just got the center rod set with the prob and only doing about 1.5 at the ball down 110 it fired green chip w/hammer boated it and continue setting up. Went slow for a bit then after about 20 mins the riggers started firing 1st with doubles then a triple worked our way from 140-200 fow down 125-145 with my new 20lb sharks all green on green, wires set 2.5 out 350 with white spiny and a pretty blue. When all was said and done we did 7 for 12 and we took a few skippy’s as well, with our biggest being 22 and one sore arm boy. :clap:


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