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Liam was first at bat this weekend. He hauled in a couple of nice Kings. Little Gray boated a very nice King that tipped the scales at 25 pounds. He had a real battle. We did not boat a ton of fish this weekend so it was hard to nail down a real pattern. We fished from 150- 300 feet of water. Majority of the fish came between 175-200 feet of water. White spin doctor with Green dots with a hammer fly was the best rig. 275-300 feet on a 2 1/2 setting. Green echip with a hammer fly took a couple also. Hammer fly seemed to be the key fly on wire and riggers. Copper rigs were slow. Thanks to Jersey Jim from Double J for coming aboard to mate for us. He was a brave man coming aboard with the boys. Also had fun fishing aboard the Double J with Jim Sunday morning. We had a great time. We will be back up Thursday afternoon.





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Very nice! Enjoy it while it is there! I remember those days fondly! Tough finding time to fish with Stacey these days between his work, girl friends, soccer, and school stuff etc, etc...... At least he has been able to use the boat on his own occasionally turning friends on to our fishery. He loves the Oak move we made.

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Had a great time on the purpleneck. Lil gray seemed to see the rods fire before us old men did. He was on the ball. Liam, what a pip...I've never seen anybody that couldn't wait to reel in 500' of copper,god bless him, nice to be young. Old man Gray kept the mate happy :beer::beer::beer: See you guys this weekend.


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