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Thinking ice??

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anyone else fire up the auger or sled?i could`nt take it anymore....10pulls for the sled and 8 for the auger.whoohooo.yeah yeah a bit early i know but it felt goood. :yes: Just gotta get through bow and the end of musky then put the boat away in mid nov.Need to pull out the shantys and check for rodent damage before it gets to cold.I always seem to wait `till season is here to do this stuff.

Bob S

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Hey Sg, hope you packed your shanty/trap with dryer sheets. If I don't use dryer sheets the end result is chewed up stuff. There's still a lot to do before we get SAFE ice. Venison to go into the freezer, grubs to get, boats to winterize, maybe even late open water perch. Soon.

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