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Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

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On 12/25/2021 at 6:33 PM, rolmops said:

In fact, desalination is pretty cheap if you make it in large quantities. In Israel there are 31 desalination plants and over 80% of all the drinking water is from these plants.. All the sewer water gets a basic treatment and is used for agriculture. Israel also sells a lot of desalinated water to Jordan where it is in high demand.

The real problem with desalination is that all the politicians talk about it and promote it ....... until it rains and then nobody promotes it anymore because now it is no longer a popular subject.

Just remember that one almond costs a gallon of water.

no quite that cheap and its 50%waste if you draw from the ocean;https://e360.yale.edu/features/as-water-scarcity-increases-desalination-plants-are-on-the-rise




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On 1/15/2022 at 5:48 AM, jimski2 said:

Solar cell farms with battery storage are more popular especially with landowners and communities looking to improve their tax base.

its just another case of nimby;there are signs posted and angry board meetings that some folks dont want industrial solar farms;http://noindustrialsolarpowerplants.com/;https://www.cincinnati.com/in-depth/news/2021/09/16/invitation-solar-farm-not-sitting-well-rural-neighbors-kentucky/5649016001/

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In case Washington failed to tell us, They sold the oceanfront windmill underwater rights for Windpower from Cape May, NJ all the way to the North Atlantic. Oh, yes, they netted seven billion dollars for the deal.

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9 hours ago, jimski2 said:

Unless you consider the loss of fishing access there it is a big deal.


The windmills that you are fighting are a lot bigger than the ones that Don Quichotte fought.....

Sometime you just have to face the reality that there are not so many open water sport fisherman and our economic impact is miniscule. It sucks,but it is.

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