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Fair Haven 28th & 29th

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It's not like you haven't heard it all yet but the fishing was unreal. Fished Sat & Sun and boated around 60 fish, everything we put in the water caught fish. We fished Shawn's derby and stayed at the campground, new (old owners I guess) owners are great people and I got to meet Billy V & his crew - what a nice ride Bill :shock: !

We almost hit the L. Ontario grand slam, no laker but we did boat a real nice walleye and 14lb. king. Lots of 3 - 5 lb. browns, coho's and some steelies, best brown was 9.6lbs.







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Glad you were able to come up for the weekend. It was nice to meet you & your crew too. We haven't put a king in the boat yet, but your bruiser got us all pumped for what's to come!

Wish I could've fished today, but I had family obligations all day. How was the picnic?

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Bill - picnic was good, I don't think everybody showed up though. Good food and got to meet some more guys. Weather broke around 10:30 so the fishing shut down a bit, onshore wind was still a little chilly at the dock. Too bad you couldn't make it back for Sunday - family comes first though!

Fishshack - the king was swimming right in with all the others, we never left 7 - 10 fow for too long. The walleye came a fish or two after the king on a blue/silver Rapala J-7 I think. The king came on a Stinger Glow frog down 5' stretched about 45' behind the boat.


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