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Lake Candlewood 4/27-4/29

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4/27 - got on the water around 5 and fished till 7:30. Boated 4 SM and 1 Brown Trout on Bandit 300 series crankbaits. All the SM were 1-1.5lbs.

4/28 - on the wtaer at sun up and off we went to look for the big boys. Fished till 3:30pm and only accounted for 5 SM ranging from 1-2lbs and a nice 14" rainbow. All fish came on jerkbaits (lucky craft) and crankbaits (Bandit). Went to the tackle store after that and picked up some hair jigs which were supposed to be the ticket on the lake. 1/8oz black hair jigs on 4-6lb test.

Watched a weigh in prior to going to the tackle shop and it too 22lbs with 5 fish to win (mixed bag) then there were some 18lb bags and it fell from there.

4/29 - Tournament day! Blasted off at 8am :x Lake rules! Within the first 30 minutes I had hooked and lost right at the boat a 4lb LM :evil: . He took that hair jig but since i wasnt used to the bite i didnt get a good hook im him. I lost another small LM prior to that. Throughout the day we boated 6 keepers ranging from 12-14". These fish fell victim to the x-rap's and lucky craft slender pointers. Went back to the area we lost the LM in and my buddy loses a 3lb SM and then a 2lb SM both on hair jigs. So we called it quits about a half an hour eary so we could beat the traffic at the launch and start the 6 hour drive home.

Even though we didnt cash a check we learned so much about the lake and thats what really matters! Looking forward to next year. Talke to a buddy after wards and it took 27lbs to win with 8 fish. a couple of 22lb bags and then it fell from there with the average bag being 10-12lbs.

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