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Seneca first time in years

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Set out this morning to fish Seneca for the first time in many years. Went to my old favorite - Roy's for bait and easy launch. Fished in front of Roy's and a bit south, Glass Factory and across the lake at Reeders Creek. Tried 20- 45 fow with Oak Leaf grubs and minnows. Not a tap in 4 hours. I can not get over how clear the lake is these days! See the bottom in 35- 40 feet of water. No apparent shortage of Zebras, bottom just coated in many spots. Nice day on the lake. Hope to get back soon. Saw some guys that said they had sat on a school all day with little or no action on the east side. Did manage to get the boat to idle well at trolling speed as I may want to use it out of Ibay and the Oak until I get the bigger boat in at the Oak.


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