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Back to bassin'

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Pike, I like.

Trout will make you shout.

Salmon are slammin'.

But BASS, are a kick in the -ss!

I decided to take a break from the trolling in Lake Ontario for trout and salmon due to unpredictable weather and to catch up on some of the bass fishing that I missed earlier in the season. I had a fun time fishing two very different bodies of water. First was a wetland/pond complex and fished topwater - Spro frog and caught a number of bass in the slop. I also caught an evening bite at a beautiful Finger Lake fishing tubes in deeper water on the bottom - 30 ft - off of points and coves with great success. Here are some of the highlights of both trips.







I capped the evening off with this nice smallmouth. It was a neat experience fishing two completely different bodies of water on back-to-back trips, one eutrophic and the other oligotrophic to mesotrophic, and which required drastically different approaches to catch fish.

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It's good to get back to what most of us started at... Bass fishing is a blast ,there is nothing better than setting a hook when fishing top water, or setting the hook when punching mats flipping or pitching.. I have taken the past few years off from the big water to concentrate on multi species fishing... but bass always is the best.

Nice fish, that Smallie will be a few pounds heavier in a few months; the fall is the best time for Small mouths, when they put the feed bag on and are aggressive as hell.

Thanks for sharing


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