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Wire and copper

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When do you guys pull copper and wire? I didn't have a copper rig fire until the late summer. I am going to get wire for this year, had good luck with that when fishing with Redneck this year. Any one got a good source for the wire, the only wire that is sold around me is single strand. wondering what is my best bet to get.. Thanks in advance for the info

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Good Point! I run about 50ft of mono off the wire for slide divers. I attach the mono to the wire with a 80# spro power swivel. This swivel will go right through the guides and into the reel. I only use this set up when the fish are not aggressive. It also works well for staging kings. Sometimes they like to hit if it's off to the side a ways and back from the dipsy.

It's a bit of a pain to set but once you get used to it gets easiser. Just watch out for breaks on the mono and make sure before you clip the mono in the SD you let out at least 5ft of mono for a buffer. This acts as a "snubber" so to speak. I have learned from some expensive experiences that those hits can be visous. :shock:

Good fishing!

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