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Fishing for Blue Gills


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My Brother Mike and I have this small lake that sees very little fishing pressure, and it's chalked full of Blue gills and Pumpkin seeds, ...kinda like a diamond in the rough,The way it's going to stay ;)

We hit this Lake a couple times a year normally we keep about 15 to 20 fish each for a snack. The lake also hold Perch very small Large mouth and Small mouth Bass and of course Pike

Here's My Brother Mike with a typical largie


It has some great looking water for bass, and there are hundreds of them ....but all small



These are what we get... a fish just about every cast





Mike with a line cutter :lol:


and of course our reward, a plate of yum


Mike was using 1/16 once jig head with a 3" Gulp Alive Minnow and i was using a 1/16 once Pink Jig head with the same 3" Gulp alive minnow.

Thanks for looking


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