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Wind Farm artical - great lakes


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;( Great, has any if these "green" energy folks researched what will happen when they start drilling and digging and loosening up all the sediment on the lake bottom, not so many years ago when everything chemical and waste harmful that mankind had to offer was dumped in the lake, it has settled and been buried over by years of silt and other debris, a somewhat stable situation has occurred, what happens now as all these pollutants start making their way off the bottoms back into the ecosystem? Lake Erie has many dead zones as it is and is a dying lake , studies have shown great areas that are oxygen deplete, organism depleted, fish depleted ( Know this by info my son has taken in his quest for a biological/ecologist studies degree) for the cost and future destruction these windmills will have and create I do not see their worthwhile. ( yes there will be small pockets where the panfish and bass will linger and make sport for fishermen but the long term effects are not good) I'd rather see small NUKE plants as in Europe pop up to create clean power ( not the type we have now but a closed nuclear system), and remember you may not fish in Erie but what Erie sows Ontario reaps! :(
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Yep, right on my front porch. My home port is cleveland ohio and it sickens me to death that these wind farms will soon be a reality and unfortunatly nobody is stepping up to the plate to do anything about it. Our crooked city has enough problems. Knowing cleveland they won't even be able to get this off the ground just like every other project that has been slated for contruction. Knowing my/our luck this is one that will actually happen :(

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