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4hr. pa hunt


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A little buck like that and no story ,well ill bet the storys got told 100 x already and the buck has 300 miles sence its been taken......on the hood of the truck.....Good for you..

nah ray maybe only 99 times :lol: he went for a mile ride on the cart and a 2 mile ride in

the truck is all. but there were some folks over to see him through out the afternoon yesterday.

I gotta chace mom off the 'puter.

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we got to camp friday evening early enough to hunt but it was

raining so we just got camp situated. went out for a ride just

before dark and saw 1 nice 8 point a few miles from camp.

saturday am it was pretty windy at 4 am. too windy to hunt the

ridge I was thinking about hunting so i figured that with the

wind I would head to old reliable hollow. But after a shower

andafter getting a base layer on when I stepped outside the

wind had died! change of plans!!!!!!!!!!!!

got a big garbage bag and filled it with all my clothes that

I was going to need for the day, sprayed everything down b4

I put the stuff in the bag . got the climber in the truck and

was off to one of my favorite ridges. climbed out of the truck

at 5:45.

with a long walk and a planned all day set it was tee shirt and

sweat pants for the walk in with the climber on my back, a

bag of hunting clothes in one hand and of course the bow in my

other hand. finally arriving in there with no deer spooked on

the way in I noticed some things changed and my normal climbing

tree was not going to be good. so I found a good maple with a

y about 30' up. hooked up the stand and then went and laid a

big half circle scent line passing my tree to the left.

it took me till 7:10 to climb up the tree, being silent with

a climber can take time, reaching up and resecuring the safety

strap each time. finally whenI reached the Y I got the hand

climber/seat secured, got everything set and with it being

about light enough to shoot everything was in slow motion

and being very careful not to make any excess noise.

8:00 I catch movement out the ridge from me in the blackberry

patch and can see its an adult deer by itself. figured it to

be a buck but couldn't see antlers so I knew if it was it was

not a big one. for the next hour he just milled around and

still not seeing antlers I wasn't 100% sure it was a buck.

then I see leaves flying and a tree whipping back and forth,

I chuckle thinking yup this youngster is all gooned up and

feeling his oats this cold spitting snow morning. about 9:45

i see him on a fawn doe as she is doing circles through the

bushes and then she heads down over the hill but the little

buck as I can see now comes right down wind of the scent trail

and he is locked on and here he comes.

THIS is where I almost screwed myself! I get the bright idea

to video this 4 pt on the phone. as i am videoing him he walks

right down the scent trail past my stand stops looks back and

about that time I look to the right and here comes that 12pt!

I cant type what went through my mind! but he was taking the

same path as the 4 point and that would put him right behind

a bunch of really big oaks.

I set with my climber seat positioned so that I am just about

standing but with just enough weight off my knees to be comfy.

I get stood up and draw in one motion just as he steps out at

6 yards. as he was coming towards me I saw 4 points up on the

main beam so he was legal and thats the last I looked at the

antlers, from that point on it was boiler room only!!

I think that 4 point must of seen me cause the 12 locked up

and I knew it was now or never as this was about to fall apart

right quick! I burned a hole through and lined up the pin

from entrance to exit and adjusted a little to make sure I got

both lungs and drove the arrow right through the edge of the

spine, through the lungs and out the ribs. Down he went and

never moved!

I called back to the farm and said bring the cart Pat knows

where. he got there just about 11 and we were headed back to



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Ok imstill waiting to tell my story,,these are fresh last night ,,um for the new guys really big bucks will normaly lay near the open(large field ) on one side and a good escape route on the other (sorta open woods)) his bed is behind this wood pile where he can see anything 1000 yds away this spot is 100 yds where a 23 pt was trailed cam late aug this is a red oak some groves are 1/2 in deep not just bark but in the wood ,between goose hunters,wood cutters ,loggers and field clearing 300 yds away ,and only visiting o rare ocasions i ant had the perfect day yet for a regular hunt (no interuptions) so .I can assure you if i get this buck it will have a crappy ending (ill crap my pants)

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Thanks for the story to go along with that beauty! I enjoy the stories VERY MUCH.

Continued good luck the rest of the year.

Thanks for the Tipps also. Guy's on here have BEEN great.


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