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  1. if anyone lost a shanty the last couple of days in wayne county stop at the wayne county sheriffs office to ID it to claim it.
  2. no idea what the costs are, its simply that if employees get quarantined they will not have the manpower to take care of them and or get them to the streams.
  3. guys, don't take offense to them not notifying or asking for volunteers. they are trying to limit their public interaction in light of the current state of affairs ( as we all should be ) the stocking schedules are likely not going to be followed this year as they are trying to get rid of fish before something happens and they have no way to care for them in the hatcheries or to get them stocked at some point down the road. The fish while in the hatchery need care at least twice a day., 1 person is not going to load up all the trucks and drive them all to the stocking locations.. it sucks but unfortunately its reality this year., better that the fish get dumped early than have them all die at the hatchery.
  4. punched my pa buck tag yesterday with the bow. 8 point.
  5. i grew up in Pa, been hunting there since 77, as with any state anywhere you will never appease all hunters. you will NEVER satisfy everyone as they all have their own standards and means of hunting. the changes in deer hunting views has been dramatically changed in the last 30 years, back when I started hunting there were WAY too many deer in pa. you shot the first legal buck that walked by,,,,, but you may of seen 50-100 doe before you killed a buck. the woods and farmers fields were decimated from over browsing, deer HAD to move daily to search for what scraps of food there was. Doe season was viewed as taboo, doe season was 1 day, tags were few and far between and a lottery. many tags were bought and burnt, land open to hunting were posted no doe hunting. if someone shot a 100 inch 8 or 10 point it made the paper and your driveway was packed with onlookers. then came the hunting shows on espn, then the outdoor channel, deer hunting video's etc... people came to realize that if you passed up the 1.5 year old bucks they would grow some nice headgear, a lot of the old wives tales of once a spike always a spike were being proven false. where am I going with this? well i guess my views are this, while back in the day the influx of shows, tapes etc. was a good educational tool and got things rolling in the right direction I think that it has reached a point that it has now pushed a lot of people over the edge and now people ( not all ) are so obsessed with antler size and scores to the point of even before they congratulate someone for shooting a buck the first question is what did it score? the antler obsession has been the downfall of many friendships and even family relationships. it has also been the fuel to the fire of leasing and posting ( although slob actions and liability are a bigger reason for posting) in the almost 40 years i have hunted pa I have seen radical changes, when they implemented AR's in early 2000's they saturated the antlerless tag allocations, the antlerless slaughter that happened was unreal more than anyone has ever seen around here. when that started it needed to happen to a certain degree but in many area's it went WAY too far. maybe it needed to go that far to allow for habitat regeneration at a faster rate, but I do know it upset a lot of people. some people took matters into their own hands and yellow posters went up at an alarming rate. but I can tell you it has certainly helped the habitat recover. since then things have sorta stabilized and the hunting has been good, yes there are area's that the deer numbers are low, yes there are area's the deer numbers are good, yes there are area's that have good bucks as well as area's that good bucks are few and far between simply because the habitat doesn't support the nutritional values needed to help produce a decent rack. all one has to do is look at the hunting pa site and you will see the same issues, those for it those against it, those that say the deer herd is fine, and those that say the deer are almost extinct. my views on deer hunting here in NY are that myself personally AR's wont affect me as I already have my standards of what buck i will shoot, i KNOW that AR's will not provide a monster buck behind every tree, I KNOW they do help, what people forget or don't realize is that there is a vast difference in survival skills of a whitetail deer each year and season that passes. hunting a mature 3.5+ yo buck is far more difficult than hunting a 1.5 yo. buck. Do I think the state should tell people what they can shoot? ummmm the state ALREADY does tell you what buck you can shoot, 3" or more spike or 2 or more points on a side qualifies you to put a buck tag on that deer, if it doesn't then the antlerless tag must be used ( if you have one, if not you better know what your shooting first to make sure its legal) so as Chas said the state does already tell you what you can shoot., comparing releasing fish to hunting is apples to oranges, while yes a fish can be released, unless your sight fishing you don't know the species or size before you get a bite, with deer hunting, turkey hunting, duck hunting or whatever its called target identification BEFORE you shoot. i guess what I would like to see is a 2 week modern firearm season bucks only. maybe a 3 day fri, sat, sun antlerless season with a 1 buck limit and a 2 doe limit without any tags being able to be signed over along with the current archery season and a 1 week primitive black powder season. having the concurrent season allows people to be legally in the woods once they filled their buck tag so they can fill someone elses buck tag. they have a doe tag and doe is in but they can shoot a buck call their buddy to come tag it, most of them i would venture to guess fill their tag first. Are we gonna stop the poaching? no, those that disregard the law will disregard it no matter what the law is, the only way to slow down the poaching and party tagging is catching them, they are being caught but with the lack of encon officers to cover vast square miles of land it makes it pretty easy to get away with poaching. The tippdec line has been helping but there is still the fact that there are only so many encon officers to cover all the calls. This is where WE as sportsman can make a difference, if you know its going on call tippdec, or if its happening within your group peer pressure can be a motivator, or simply choose different hunting partners. another thing they could do is make the fines a level that would be a financial hardship if your caught, the current fines are no deterrent to just about anyone, you make the fines for poaching a deer whether a buck/doe or fawn 5 or 10 grand you will get peoples attention! raise the revocations to 5 years first offense lifetime for second and I bet you would see a huge drop in the current games people play! S.P.O.R.T Sportsman Policing Our Ranks Together.
  6. 3 guys a dog and all the gear in a 14' jon boat is certainly a recipe for disaster. the one thing people don't think about are the volunteers that go out there risking their own lives and family well beings to save them. granted accidents happen but putting yourself and others in danger for a duck??? nothing is worth that whether its a duck, deer, or salmon. it never ceases to amaze me at the lack of respect people have for the power of water. Last year late season I drove down to the CG station at the point, there was a truck and trailer in the ramp waiting to launch. It was extremely windy far windier than it had been any day of the season. on that truck was a 14' boat that did not have high gunnels, 3 young guys get out and start scurrying around. I walked over and asked where they thought they were going and they said over to the wall. I said do yourself a favor and at least wait until its light enough to see how bad it is before you try to cross the channel to get over there. that little boat with the surge coming in here and you guys are going to be in trouble! the boat owner says I spent 2 weeks on this bay this summer and was in rougher water than this in this boat. I just kinda chuckled and said we never had waves this big on "the bay" last summer and its January NOT July the water is 24 degrees NOT 74 degrees. the other 2 seemed to be paying attention and said something along the lines of maybe we should wait. I said look around there's NOBODY to come get you when you get in trouble, with the water this rough and cold with all the ice when you go in chances are you will not survive. you guys can do what you want but I can tell you that I wouldn't even attempt to go out that channel in my charter boat. finally the other 2 said they were going to wait. 2 days later the 3 of them approached me in town and said they wanted to thank me for stopping them that morning because once it got light out they had no idea it was that bad and had they of tried to go they would of been in serious trouble.
  7. the 2015/2016 federal duck stamp will feature the ruddy duck. Jennifer Miller from the Olean area won the contest. also beginning in 2015 the federal duck stamp will be going up to $25.00 each.
  8. with just getting back from 3 weeks of hard hunting in Pa. I took yesterday as a rest day and worked on some paperwork today figuring with the wind why push it. about 3:15 the winds layed down some and I just couldn't take it. took a quick scent free soap shower, grabbed my gear and off to the woods. figured 40 minutes was better spent in the woods than finishing up a little paperwork. I get just about to my stand and I see a doe running back and forth across the field, she was in and out of a depression so I could only see her occasionally but I knew with what she was doing she was not alone. finally I see antlers bouncing along as he was in the small depression. once she stopped I bleated to her and here she comes, I am standing next to a huge basswood tree with 2 little beech trees that still had some brown leaves on them so I felt confident that I would blend in well enough if she didn't walk through slowly. As luck would have it she trotted right by me and stopped about 60 yards behind me. Here he comes trotting along, when he hit the woods I drew, when he trotted by at a mere 6 yards it was over before he knew what happened, he never even changed speed just kept trotting for 40 yards and fell over! Just like that my season is done.
  9. sawyers is a decent product from what I have heard. We have been living with a tick problem in pa for years. I buy happy jack kennel dip II in concentrate and make my own solution, far cheaper and better coverage. I also mix up a spray bottle to just hit every day clothes and to spray the dog and her vest before we head out. it does kill them in short order. A high school buddy and I went small game hunting a few hours one day last week while we were in Pa. he doesn't treat his clothes. he was COVERED with ticks! when I say covered I am talking he had over 50 ticks on his brush pants and jacket! I took a tick off his jacket put it on my vest and it did not make it more than an inch and it fell off dead. I took Ziva's hunting vest off her and there were a half dozen dead ticks on her hair, in the 3 weeks I was there I picked one tick off Ziva on the inside of her ear, mom and dad take ticks off their dogs daily.
  10. well with tagging out on a good buck here in NY early in Oct. it set into motion plans of getting as much work done as I could so I could head to the family farm for more than my standard last week of archery hunt. The one issue for me was our duck season opened the last saturday of Oct. and with a young lab that is more passionate about ducks than me. I didn't want to disappoint her so I decided to stay and hunt the first 4 days of our duck season then head south. That was a good decision as we were in the right spots on each of those days and did very well. Off to the farm on the 30th with the wife departing for the farm the next day. of course the 31st it poured rain and as luck would have it the tranny cooler in her car blew on her way so it was back to belmont NY to get her and leave the car to be fixed, and 5 days later another round trip to get her car. The weather for the last 2 weeks was unreal, from windy conditions almost every day to snow, cold, warm, etc. but I saw deer on every sit but 1. saw allot of bucks, a couple real hogs, some that we pretty small. all in all I passed up 11 legal bucks, I missed a good 8 point at 5 yards when I hit a grapevine, very thankful the arrow completely missed the deer. The first wednesday morning I was there I had a very close encounter with a not so happy 300lb make black bear I laid a scent trail from the edge of a cornfield down the tractor path and then a reversed J to 10 yards from the stand. Hook up the bow and climbed 26 foot up the climbing stick onto the stand and then just as I started bringing up the bow I hear foot steps coming towards me. My first thought was here comes that dopey 4 point again ( he literally followed me in there one day) its 6am and pitch black out. when it gets to about 10 yards I see that its a bear and I know which one it is as I have seen him a number of times this year. I get the bow up knock an arrow and hang the bow on the hanger. the bear is just snooping around and I figure he is just going to go out into the corn and feed. All of a sudden he starts jaw popping and huffing and he circles the tree I am in 2 times, now I am getting a little nervous so I get the bow in my hands as I am watching him. He comes over and is standing at the climbing sticks smelling them, then he puts his front feet on the sticks, I clip the release on the string..... The next few seconds will be forever engraved in my memory banks!! He made a 20 foot climb faster than I could draw the bow! lucky for both of us he stopped before he got to the last section! I was surprisingly calm for being face to face at 6 feet with him. As I am at full draw and we are looking each other eye to eye I said in a very clear and loud voice "hey there aint room for both of us up here" he looked at me with wide eyes, looked at the ground and then slowly started climbing back down. The one thing that I can vividly recall is that he never touched the tree! he came up and went down the climbing stick just like I did. he hung around for the next 30 minutes, of course it was still too dark for a cell phone picture but i did manage one crappy picture at 6:31 am, just before he went out into the cornfield to feed. Once the metal taste in my mouth ended and I got calmed down I reflected back on what had just happened. I realized that no matter how fast you think your reflexes are you are NO match for a bear! you can not believe how fast a bear can climb! I told dad that my biggest fear was that he was going to knock me off the stand and being strapped to the tree he would just bat me around like a pinyatta. But it all worked out in the end and ever saw a few deer that morning and passed on a nice 1.5 yr old 7 point. So the whole time we are there my wife is watching bucks go back and forth through our horse pasture. last thursday she said a 2.5 and 3.5 yr old were out there doggin does and there are 5-8 does there every evening. I was still on a good buck but when I got back late friday moring she said the same 2.5 & 3.5 yr olds were there again and a couple 1.5's. So I take a stand out along the fence to the only decent sized tree, but its crookeder than a dogs hind leg but I manage to get a stand up about 18 feet too low for my liking but gotta work with what I had. saw 1 buck friday evening that I passed on. So Saturday morning I said I am setting there dark to dark, finally a morning with very little wind. I laid a scent trail along the fence from the corner up in front of the stand and did my reverse J climbed up and waited for the sunrise. I saw a few deer crossing our hayfield headed into the bottom, listened to the ringnecks yelling back and forth to each other it was a nice morning. just before 8am our youngest son texts me and he had just shot a buck in ny ( it was the first day of firearm season) I had just texted him back when I hear a deer running through the brush coming towards me. grab the bow and watch as a young doe walks right under me and stops to smell the climbing sticks, then moves east up the hill. A couple minutes later I hear another deer walking towards me, then he starts grunting. its thick behind me and I can just see a big bodied deer and a flash of antler here and there and one spot I caught sight of a decent length G2 he is now at 8 yards in heavy brush he takes a step I come to full draw he is at 5 yards I can see him pretty good but no clear shot or conformation that it ws not a 1.5 yr old, but he was certainly legal. he stood there for about 45 seconds which gave me a little time to try and judge him, That is by far the toughest angle to try and judge a deer! I went with what I could see and was certain that he was at least a 2.5 he took about 5 steps and was now at 3 yards with a perfect openeing into his right shoulder. When the arrow hit him he wheeled around and crashed back the direction he came from, I saw the back half of the arrow break off and then I heard nothing, couldn't hear him running, nothing. so I let the bow down got my gear together climbed down and crawled through the brush to check the part of the arrow I could see. There was a little blood on it where the arow broke and no sign on the ground. I marked the spot and backed out. walked back to the house and sprayed the end of the arrow with peroxide and got a decent amount of foam. Dad wanted to go pull a couple stands but said we can go look for your buck before we go, I said nope he won't be any deader in 2 hours than he is now but if he isn't dead now he might be in 2 hours. The lack of blood on the ground and really visible blood on the arrow had me a little concerned, I knew where the arrow went and was confident he was dead but wanted to wait just to make sure. we get back around 10:15 and I have dad walk the road edge below the pasture just to see if he maybe crossed the road. I start crawling through the multifloral rose and autumn olive and about 20 yards past where I found the arrow I find my first little spot of blood. just another few yards and now there is good blood. call dad on the phone and tell him he is going down hill towards the well road. I can see where he is really scuffing the leaves and leaving lots of sign. Then I get to his bed,,,,he aint laying in it! there is blood everywhere! Then I see where he got drug down the hill!! I about puked! I thought you gotta be kidding me someone came along saw him laying there and took him! you talk about instant rage! I follow the drag marks down the hill about 25 yards and see blood smeared on the trees, the blackberry bushes laid over.....I am about sick!! I get to the well road where the drag ends... I look to the right of me and there is my buck stashed under the blackberry bushes!! how he got there I don't know, I know it wasn't him that got himself there, don't know if it was a person that moved him and planned to come back or if it was one of the bears that did it, the ground was too hard to see any fresh tracks.
  11. this is going to take longer to type than the actual hunt lasted. hunted the first day morning and evening with plenty of sightings but none of the decent bucks showed up. second day I skipped the morning hunt because of bad winds for all my morning stands and having some work i needed to get done. the evening hunt I had 2 of the decent bucks at 20 yards all out battling for 15 minutes and no shot at either of them. last thursday am i went in to move that particular stand up another 10 feet, it was at 20 feet and just seemed to be too low for my liking. seeing as we were leaving for pa that afternoon I figured get in move the stand up, spray it all down and get out of there and be gone for a few days. wanted to hunt last evening but we didn't get back in time. this morning with the impending rains I didn't dare hunt and the wind again was iffy for my morning spots. as the day wore on and the rains moved out and the temps dropped to 50 and the winds picked up from the west south west it was game on.... but there seemed to be a persistant little disturbance to the west and I was watching it on the radar and finally I decided that it was going to move out over the lake and be good to go with no rain. My concern over the rain made me later than I wanted to be to get to the stand I moved but I figured if I hustled I would be ok. I have been watching this buck for 3 months from long range almost on a daily basis in the evenings and any mornings I didn't have to work. i parked the truck at 4:45 changed clothes and sprayed down with scent shield. I litterally jogged the 300 yards to my stand. hooked up the harness and bow and up the tree. I pulled the bow up knocked an arrow and hung the bow on the hanger and then hung my fanny pack on the tree. I turn around and start to zip my jacket when I look up and see him coming towards me! I pik up the bow and he is now just about under me and he walks behind me as I ease to full draw he stops at 7 yards broadside he raises his head and tests the wind. It was too late the green pin was burning a hole through the top of his right shoulder, almost like a laser guide for the wasp tipped xx78. at the shot he lunged forward and sprinted 35 yards before I heard him crash... I was in disbelief on what had just transpired, I was not in the stand 3 minutes before I shot him... I knew it wsa going to be close on time but I didn't realise it was going to be that close. im done till I head back to pa to hunt there.
  12. Vince, congrats to you and Mark!! tell Mark to not ever loose that hunting spirit that is so visible in his eyes.
  13. for a Resident of PA. to pay item by item to get the same thing as a super sportsman license in NY PA. $104.60 with NO fishing license included, paying for a 2nd spring turkey tag & only 1 fall turkey tag. add in the pa fishing license with trout/salmon stamp and you can tack on another 22.70 just for the license and if you want a trout/salmon stamp and fish lake erie its another 15.70 so all total to get basically the same license as a pa resident that basically equals a ny super sportsman license you will give the pa state $143.00 for the quality of game and fish here and the season lengths to get all we get for $98.00 isn't that bad of a deal especially when you compare other states fees and seasons.
  14. Yeah that'll work, then you'll loose what little hard core hunters you have left after this crap $100 license fees we already pay. I know I wouldn't pay for a license anymore if that happened, not in NY anyways, I'd be giving my money to P.A. As a matter of fact, if I see any kind of spooky behavior OR to much nonsense with this, This will be the last year me and my family hunt in NY...or fish here for that matter. And whats more, the guy that wrote that nonsense you quoted has never been in contact with a truly large buck, anyone who's actually hunted a large buck knows....one mistake and the game is probably over. He's living in a fantasy world where everyone follows the rules...sorry to say most do not. from the pa game commission: DEER, ANTLERLESS (Statewide): Oct. 18-20. Junior and Senior License Holders, Disabled Person Permit (to use a vehicle) Holders, and Pennsylvania residents serving on active duty in U.S. Armed Services or in the U.S. Coast Guard only, with required antlerless license. Also included are persons who have reached or will reach their 65th birthday in the year of the application for a license and hold a valid adult license, or qualify for license and fee exemptions under section 2706. One antlerless deer with each required antlerless license. DEER, ANTLERLESS MUZZLELOADER (Statewide): Oct. 13-20. An antlerless deer with each required antlerless license. you should look at a different state than PA. they have had a WEEK long gun season in oct. archery for close to 10 years with LITTLE impact to buck harvest the remainder of the archery season! when they started this season we heard all the same stuff,, scared deer, poaching, hunters getting shot etc... little to none of it happened! if a person is going to poach a deer they are going to poach a deer whether there is a "special" season or not. we have co-existed with the gun hunters during archery and not had any issues. hasn't effected taking bucks after the oct gun season at all. take a gander at the hunting pa archery forum from mid oct. to the end of the season there are some mighty nice bucks taken after the "dreaded" early youth season. I have hunted pa since '77 , have lived through all the changes in seasons and herd reductions, if you fail to adapt to change and fail to adapt your hunting strategies to the changes in place you can expect to have little success, change the way you approach hunting and your strategies and you can continue to be successful. you will find quite a few states have youth seasons, whether you want to believe it or not it IS a good thing, our cherished sport of hunting is a DYING sport! its tough to get kids to hunt today with all the other distractions, the hunting heritage in our age brackets of today (35-50) because when we started hunting wasn't looked down upon as much as it is for today's youth, 20 years from now there will be fewer of us in that current 35-50 bracket hunting. the number of hunters is dwindling, every time we loose a hunter the anti's gain an advantage. sooner or later IF we take the "all for me, the heck with the next generation" stance we WILL see an end to hunting as we know it! So we can either take the "head in the sand" approach and do nothing or we can do whatever we can to help promote the sport of hunting by our actions. good luck this season to all no matter where you hunt or what you hunt for, hopefully everyone has a safe and enjoyable season.
  15. I am listing this for a friend. I have known this family for 20 years and last fall she lost her husband and she can not keep the boat. The boat is located in sugarlaof Pa. $8600.00 / best offer 1984 Penn yan not sure on the model tournament or sportfisherman? 6 cyl chevy i/o Tom kept this boat mechanically sound and never neglected anything on the engine or outdrive. he was the second owner and the previous owner passed away several years prior to him buying the boat and it had low hours on it then. Tom didn't get to fish it much due to work schedules it wasn't even in the water in 2009 or 2010. boat was always kept covered. it has a small cuddy stand up canvas mooring cover to cover the back deck of the boat. galvanized loadrite trailer. this is a turn the key and go fishing deal! EVERYTHING goes as a package, will NOT be split up prior to sale. 4 cannon electric riggers king auto pilot color fishfinder/gps 2nd gps LMS 350 vhf radio am/fm radio washdown pump 2 battery's (2 years old never even used) dock lines, bumpers fire extinguisher life jackets ( I believe it also has a fishhawk down speed and temp unit) Fishing gear ------------- 3 tackle boxes of spoons, j plugs, stickbaits, fly's flashers 10 diawa 27lc gold series with med action rods. 2 diawa 47lc wire diver set ups. 1 net fish cooler. contact info. Linda 570-401-8608
  16. I seem to remember last spring prior to the release of our pen fish they scooped several net fulls of the young salmon to weigh them and found that a good number of them had no fin clips. while natural reproduction is no doubt happening the DEC would be foolish to adjust put & take numbers as there are far too many variables to the natural production on a year to year basis. If we have a couple bad years of natural production back to back the whole fishing economy will suffer greatly, imho. While they have made leaps and bounds with trying to get a handle on their program and are getting better I think they are still a long ways from being 99% accurate. lets face it guys we are at their mercy, they can tell us numbers and we have no choice but to try and believe it. when they deliver fish to our ports and tell us we are getting 30,000 browns, we watch them go zipping out the end of the pipe and we believe there are 30,000. would any of us really know if there were only 18-20,000? no different than them dumping 50,000 kings in the pens, we look in there and say "thats a lot of little salmon" but is it 50k or 30-35k? We as the ones that fund these programs need to get a better handle on the numbers and actions of what is going on. this lake and the put & take fish are providing a good number of people their living income. To just blindly accept their information is not really the path we should be following, this is like the old saying of letting the fox watch the henhouse.
  17. from past experience don't waste your money on the blood trailing lights ( the green&red lens ones) they do nothing to enhance the blood. the old style coleman lantern will work for helping reflect the blood ( use aluminum foil to cover half of the lantern that faces you so your not blinded by the direct light) there are numerous spray/misting solutions on the market to aid in trailing these are the ones that foam when contacting blood. Do not waste your $ on a glorified blood trailing liquid, do they work? yes, do you need to pay $20.99 for 12-16 oz of some hunting branded product? NOPE!! Go to the dollar store and buy several of the large bottles of hydrogen peroxide, pour them into a clean spray bottle and for a couple bucks you have a great trailing aid, as the peroxide foams when it comes in contact with blood even if its dried blood. the other post advice given is the best advice so far, take someone that is not color blind, following a blood trail is THE most important thing after the shot. Its not something to try on your own if you have trouble with trailing, I HATE tracking with more than one other person and rarely EVER take someone with me but I also have several hundred blood trails under my belt. The more people that you have with you the greater the chances of messing up the trail, especially in the dark! This is especially critical IF you have a marginal hit or just a weak blood trail. The more people there are the more distractions to the lead tracker, if I am on a marginal trail I want to be and need to be 100% focused on the trail and my surroundings. there is more to look for than just blood, everything from broken twigs, corn stalks, goldenrod, grasses, scuffed up leaves, distinctive hoof prints, body secretions, etc. all evidence left behind by a wounded deer sometimes will tell you about the shot placement and maybe a hint of what this deer will do or where it will head to. good luck.
  18. thanks guys, I think we have come up with a bubbler and have devised a way of using air for another one. may not need them but if we do these should work. thanks.
  19. we are looking for a used dock bubbler to borrow or buy, if we can borrow it for a few weeks that would be great. actually why we would like to borrow one is because we are not sure that its going to do what we would like it to do. if ya know of one please let me know. thanks
  20. just to update. surgery was done today, an hour and a half, the break was very bad but the ankle held together pretty well and was not as bad once the dr. was in there so his recovery should go well. they told him the staples come out in 8 days, cast after that for 8 weeks and then physical therapy for 4 weeks.
  21. vince & jerry are certainly correct. in 35 years I have seen many changes in the sport of deer hunting, although I grew up in the "deer days" of Pa. I understand things were the same around here as well ( maybe not the #'s we had ) I can remember a good many years on the first day of the Pa season setting the first day dark to dark and seeing 400+ deer, 60 + at a time walking by and not a buck in the group and none over 115lbs. If someone in the county shot a 110" buck it made the newspaper! And god forbid if he let the cat outa the bag as to where he shot it, cause there would be 100+ guys there the next day! Back then there was no QDMA, Buckmasters, the crush, dream seasons etc. We hunted to put FOOD on the table. everyone shot the first legal buck they saw whether it was a 3.5" spike or a basket 6 pt. as outdoor shows started catching on and letting bucks grow older started to appeal to people slowly the trend started catching on, more antlerless tags have been given out, herd numbers have dropped ( or decimated like some area's of Pa now) each year as hunter numbers drop and more people either on their own or through fear of peer pressure pass on those 1.5 yo bucks it will only get better. the scary part for me is the lack of youth hunters. I remember when I was in school 2 kids out of my entire GRADE didn't hunt, boys and girls BOTH hunted! The sport of hunting is a dying sport, there are not nearly the people hunting now that there was 30 years ago. while there may still be lots of guys hunting some area's other area's you don't see many guys at all. I think its a combination of a number of things as to why we are seeing more good bucks being killed. 1. advancements of hunting equipment over the last 20 years is astounding. everything from bows to guns to camo. 2. advancements in comfort items such as insulated clothing to boots to tree stands, all make us more comfortable to be able to stay on stand longer. All of the scent control stuff available today and the knowledge passed on about being as scent free as possible. 3. the information highway, whether its tv shows or the "web" there is an endless amount of information out there available at our fingertips. 4. basic deer biology knowledge, the people that want to hunt mature bucks try to understand what they need to do to allow them to grow, they try to understand if the habitat will only support x # of deer and your capacity is at z then you need to drop the numbers so they are not stressed over food. along the food lines is the food plots now that people are planting. 5. hunter maturity, I think as hunters mature their "ideals" change, its not about just the harvest its about enjoying the whole hunt. some people are satisfied with a nice 1.5 yo deer and the next guy has chosen to only shoot 3.5+ yo deer, neither one is wrong, the only wrong thing is for either one of them to push their standards on the other one. 6. the invention of trail camera's, and now with the digitals that are almost silent in operation. 30 years ago there were no trail camera's, you wanted to know what was there you went to your stand and you sat there and watched what came by. That just simply wised up the deer! today you put out a camera and once a week or every other week you go pull the card and you KNOW what, when and where they were with minimal human scent. Now you have a camera with a few pics or many pics of good bucks, NOW you have a reason to pass on that smaller buck. 7. More people today are passing the smaller bucks up, before if you shot the first legal buck to come by you were done and when the peak of the rut happened you were already tagged out and that big one didn't get shot cause everyone tagged out on smaller bucks early. 8. as Jerry said the posting of property, limiting the hunter numbers and a group agreement as to what they want harvested and numbers. although that can work on smaller pieces its much better to have large tracts of land tied up to try and keep the deer on the property otherwise the neighbors may shoot the bucks you guys pass up because they just want to shoot any buck, and thats fine as long as you understand that going in. I guess in closing I have to wonder where our sport is headed, I am fearful that maybe all these shows are slowly pushing the only shoot the big bucks theory and some people get so obsessed with it that it takes away from the actual hunt. Is the sport going to end up a rich mans sport because your only chances of getting big bucks is leasing and as that catches on more and more the cost per acre goes up? I don't know where the sport is going, all I do know is that I will be hunting as long as its legal and I am physically able to hunt.
  22. API climbing stand, not sure of what model. age is about 6 years old. he hasn't ever used it much. thanks for the well wishes guys, I am hoping that there are no long term effects of this other than his likely fear of heights now.
  23. I know we all hear about treestand safety but over time sometimes we cut corners, don't take that extra few seconds do something else before we hook up ( I certainly HOPE everyone is strapped in if your off the ground) Its been a terrible week for tree stand accidents! my condolences to all the families living through the tragedies as of late. I know several people that have fallen from stands in the past, all of them have survived luckily. Yesterday morning a tree stand accident hit way too close to home! My stepson attached his climber to a tree, got all his gear hooked up. He stepped up on the platform hooked in his feet and moved the climber up and when he put pressure on the climber the pin broke that goes through the chain. He fell backwards and LUCKILY the platform was only a couple feet off the ground! Lucky in the standpoint that wasn't up 4+ feet hanging by his feet! His season is done for this year!! broke his fibula on his left leg above the ankle, tore tendons and ligaments from the side of his ankle. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, dr. said a plate, rod, screws, 2 straps and reattaching the tendons and ligaments will be done. He will probably be out of work till at least Feb. Guys, please take an extra minute to check your stands over good for any cracks, rusty bolts, frayed cables, etc. replace parts as needed. please remember to wear a safety harness, take it from someone that has fallen and those I have talked to that fell.... I hear it all the time, I will just grab the tree, or a limb or the stand.... BS!!! you will be on the ground a split second after you realize you are falling! I fell 12 feet off a roof, believe me there is NO time to do anything!! I was on the ground as soon as I realized my feet were off the roof! luckily it was really muddy and I landed flat footed but I was sunk over my ankles in the mud! had it been hard ground or pavement I would of likely broke both ankles, IF I were lucky! When I started bowhunting 35 years ago there were no safety harnesses for hunters. I used to climb trees and stand on limbs, wedge a 2x6 in the crotch of a tree etc. will never happen to me was my thought. looking back on it now I know it was foolish. The cost of a safety harness is miniscule compared to being out of work for months, orthopedic surgery costs, etc. good luck to all and please be careful out there.
  24. Vince, nice story and nice looking buck congrats, Hopefully you can get your brother on a deer also. Those pop up blinds are TOUGH to hide from the deer around here! it aint like on TV that's for sure, I think it would be better to set it out early summer and let them get used to it. They make it look so easy on tv, set it up along a field load it up with people and an hour later a big buck walks right up to the window... The turkeys don't pay any attention to them but man the deer come unglued when they see them.
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