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cayuta lake


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Was on onieda once and got to fish in a micro-burst. Nothing MICRO about it!!! Give ya the short story>>>>> In fish trap calm and sunny, temp 35 and on the rise. Middle of the lake with around 300 guys on ice. Trucks, ATVs, houses galore. Noticed wind picking up to around 10-15 in seconds. Heard what sounded like a train running down the ice. Then I heard the empty five gallon bucket bouncing down the lake. Asked my buddy what the hell was going on out there. The sound of velcro opening up the window and him sayin HOLY $HI^ :o Hang the #[email protected]%$ ON!!!! Train gets louder and all hell breaks loose. The wind cranked up to around 60-70 miles an hour and flipped us over like a garbage bag. Minnows and fish all over and ice gear cranking down the lake. I watched as a S-10, yes a chevy went sliding by me at just 10 feet. I gabbed what I could and placed my right leg into a ice hole and started to say a prayer that I came up with at that moment. I watched grown men that could not get there footing slide by along with there gear. Guys and girls screaming at the top of there lungs for help but nothing that anyone could do. The Burst left as fast as it came and all was calm again. It looked unreal , Gear was left miles away down the lake. I lost my shelter and buckets with my catch and bait, and everything that was in the tent. But I lived when I seriously felt that this was it!!! I was 22 years old when that happened. The chevy was no closer than 600-800 yards away from the spot that it was parked when the storm hit, and the funny part was that the guy who owned it was in it taking a nap when the storm hit. He came to a rest and wiped his ass and picked up all the gear that he could find and drove back to us. It was a scary but a once in a lifetime event, I hope for me!!! That was in 1998 I think. Maybe some of you guys were out there. Oh and last note, the weather guys had clocked the wind at 77 miles per hour during that "MICRO" burst.

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